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[2017.08.28] Game servers restart


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Hello there, dear players!


Our game servers will be stopped on 29.08 at 9:30 (CEST) on ~ 15 minutes for stability improvement and fixing several skills.


- Counter attack. Counter attack does not provide any damage back if all incoming damage was consumed by any protective shield.

- Defeat. Main target does not receive AoE damage when Defeat is used in addition with Bleeding effect. Also, AoE effect of this skill can’t make any critical damage.


We want to ask you not to plan something epic and significant on this time, we also want to apologize for any inconvenience.


Thank you for your attention,


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Are u guys gonna lower the extra cd back to 15? Why increase it if its not hurting the target youre fighting,  made barb weaker in 1v1 situations lol but yall will buff druid  and dk nice

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Peter-Munnk can you tell devs to make something more nice about the pve in game?


 World bosses on mc and elfic side on every sland that only specific levels can attack wow it would be very coolllllll  and a litle more challenger since high levels players cant help hehe :panda1:



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Seeing topic name I was like they gonna write: "Removed potions and other craps from event chests. Now it's worthy to fight for it. Also, reduced required dungeon runs to 2."

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why is the game requesting me to update my versión when there is only 7.0.1 in the Microsoft Windows app store on my Phone ? Yesterday i played guild castle with the automatic update from 24/08 now i cant!!!

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You guys have a habit of nerfing mcs all the time? Why even make stories about balancing when u dont even understand what that mean?. You take back that extra dmg away for no reason


Do one more thing say it loud and clear in your terms and conditions that making elf is way better than wasting money on legion side.

Drop rates higher at elfs

no. Of stuns higher at elfs

no. Of aoe skills removing stuns low at elfs

% of stuns working more at elfs

No of damage making skills more at elfs 

Dear mcs: why even play developers make it so smooth path for elf because they themselves play there and just always want to b on the winning side


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I've been playing WS for three years and been playing other games, too, but what is AoE damage? What does this nerf mean?

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17 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

Area of effect


Like steel hurricane

Oh, so it means the main target does not receive that additional damage that is dealt to others around me. I think that is fair.

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