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  1. Bds palas druids have been controlling arena, wardens controlling both arena (takes ages to kill them)+ pve(no healers required if have a warden) Mages are supposed to be a damage support class not tanky( so this was right time to put them in place). Shamans are nerfed look at locks they killed them. Dk keeps getting nerf every update. which one class on mc side is controlling any place? so definitely not mcspear my friend. And as far as that one skill is concerned where no one was spending points on will be 4/4 for every bd. This update was mainly to wake u dead skills.
  2. Its not based on received damage anymore but on bd’s base damage. If a bd has 1k+ base (which is normal) 75% of it every 0.75 secs for 7 secs like for real? U can do the math how much it will hurt in those 7 secs And its not strong?
  3. Yet another broken skill for bds, i really don’t understand where is the balance? to top it up they increased damage from sonic too like wow!!!!!!! lets change the name too from warspear to bdspear
  4. I have been asking this since they gave a separate resist skill to bd in the first place, probably devs should see how broken that is. there are many skills with elf that needed some balance but for now I would suggest only 3 classes: bd: they can do without that resist on the rush given the fact that they have a separate resist skill. That skills gives agro and some stun is perfectly fine. pala shield: should be given absorption limit and needs to be shortened. Or should be allowed a counter with retribution just like barbarian stone skin. Druid: this class is the most broken on elf side with 4 heal skills, probably should lower the heal amount and self healing from secret links. As it is supposedly a support class with 3 more healing skills: basic skill healing dew, barrier and patronage,
  5. amazing rework and I appreciate the hard work of developers team. I have a few questions though: first is about paladins: why we dont see any changes in terms of shield eating damage reduction? paladin shield absorbing absolutely 100% dmg which should have been considered for a change in terms of reducing the absorption amount. Second my question is about barbarians, they should be given a crit heal on combat fury as its the only class that doesnt count crit heals coming back from a healing skill. last my question is about blade dancers: Power of blades increases damage, rush with resist and stun chances resist skill which seems endless and now over powered counter? For real? Buffing an already overpowered class every time?
  6. Very well what exactly you mean by immunity? I m a lil dumb to understand that immunity means 0 attack which no mc class has except for necro shields, barb nature only helps u avoid stuns or debuffs not any damage, maybe you forgot to do the homework instead. Because i see all attacking me without any reason. And if the topic is not about aoe skills/stuns let all talk about present skills then, why we all complaining about shamans too? 3 elf classses have shield skill buffs thats gives 0 damage, already not taking in account the amount of time it stays for, pala bd mage. And the game is not only pvp its pve too, but all your concerns are related to pvp and aoe. People here already talked about them. No need drag this topic them more and stop attacking me.
  7. No bro i dont have any issues until she being a mod getting personal so i just asked for same respect as she would like. I have nothing personal against anyone though thank you
  8. I am not the one with best aoe skills and still complaining, its actually the other way round sweetheart!!!! I think when i write unlike you.. And i can get personal too so Better watch your words mrs svip
  9. 100% immunity ? How? when? where? I would love that if barb gets 100% immunity like pala shields
  10. Playing a class that not gives aoe stuns/buffs/debuffs doesnt count. Or probably you can learn a bit more about aoe skills elf have then talk about them because everyone knows elfs have most and best aoe stuns buffs and skills.. Apart from that, name 3 chars mc have that can steal boss if consider damage apart from hunter rogue as compared to massive damage made by mages seekers rangers and so some extent by blade dancers. I counted aoe stuns for elf i ll give u that again: bd rush multiple stuns, druid roots(expert) mutliple pala fetters multiple, aura of fire mages with stun bulid infinite stuns on the other hand only lock have aoe stuns which has a high chance of resist with gears scrolls skills etc. so i would say need some homework before complaining is required. nothing personal u are the best out there
  11. Playing on sentinels side you think they will understand? I doubt... as i say crying is free but she deleted my post
  12. Ummm yes kind off.... i could relate to what u mean and read again its shortening the effect of new skills used by opponents i guess
  13. This is a combination of 3 things in 1 time: debuffing the enemy+silence+mental pit this is tooooooooooooooooo much for a mage. Imagine a combination of mage + bd you guys are making me laugh. For sure needs some changes
  14. Now a very serious note a suggestion: with new bd resist skill i think you should look into removing resist and stun from rush because if u think from any class/group vs bd that is gonna use rush( already resist) then he stuns and uses ham which doesnt allow u to use skill, some classes dont even have that many skills to cast which can remove the skill effect, not to forget, the amount of damage they make on you, how u think u can survive? Either u should make new skill time based like all other classes that have resist or should remove resist and stun from rush. This is a way to balance out the high damage from such a class.
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