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  1. Thats it? Just thats it? To be honestly was expecting a bit more. no costume no books just thats it?
  2. Please add time to barbarian stone skin instead cancel it with retribution, i will not complaint about other classes expert skills coz those who play knows it better.
  3. Why the maces you add in arena shop not as per barbs? Why they have to always buy magic dmg mace?
  4. Server is lagging after update, idk if all facing, wasting pots
  5. Its works, seen that in arena plus 60% pots used by non healing classes like bds and druid secret links with real low cd fills u up back full hp in 2 secs. Not complaining but just checking coz mc have a disadvantage over here.
  6. I understand a bit late to reply to this topic but wanna know why castle heal pots dont work with barbs heal skill combat fury ? Plus not too sure if thy gonna work on dk reserves too.
  7. Cannot find pirate keys the stash seems to be empty lol
  8. Can we expect new expert skills with new lvl update?
  9. They say people who spam more gets more drops? So what will u now talk about raid bosses? Elf kill elm daily they get drops, thy kill engineer once in 2 weeks they get drops, so how will you define such drop mechanism? You think we dont know its elf oriented? Now what will they get? You go ask them what they get by doing it.
  10. What do u mean not serious bro? I m tired of seeing epf geeting 100% drops and mc just getting bars or common cata or most ppl in party nothing. So yes i am 100% serious. You have a doubt? Come play mc char on us server and see it yourself or join elf with their good list guilds.
  11. If you are an elf and preferred guild by the developer or mods your drop rate will be 100%. So go join a guild who is in their good list
  12. @Reivenorik see this is what exactly i was talking about, mc side kill bosses modt time of the week none gets drop. Elf side kill 1 time gets drops. You talk about people luck get reduce. How? A guy from a particular guild gets costume or rare books everytime he kills. Same guy got 5 times costumes 3 times rare books how? You all seriously have specific rates towards elf and these guilds in elfs. Tysm this drop system makes me and many others lose interest in this game. Good luck Aigrind
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