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  1. Devs are trying to cover up weak points...atleast every skill reworking update says so
  2. Why only speed? Ask for more stuns, heals ,minions, shield, immunity too....
  3. @Akasha is this update completely on skills adjustments or we can expect other things too?
  4. It will be too early to comment without testing on actual field rather than on papers.
  5. Lashabi

    class creation

    Which class will you gonna level up in this anniversary update?
  6. I agree with the bait part too..baits don't drop anything so it's cooldown time should be reduced drastically so that players won't have to wait long
  7. Seekers be like : if you need to clear some mobs, call me Make it warspear official trailer
  8. These skills should be renamed as "INNER FRUSTRATION" I have better idea that devs might like about bds new skill......make it passive skill
  9. Lol I saw a bd straight walked though the dark circles of 2 warlocks and killed them like they were pests
  10. Is it worth lvling up? All I can say that it will be useful only in techno dungeons
  11. Now I realised that so called SUGGESTION section in forum is a complete Joke
  12. Lashabi

    Mecha plays Warspear

    You are always welcome buddy
  13. You can always help the developers by posting your ideas in the suggestion section
  14. But my question is that do developers really read our (international English forum) suggestions or we are just wasting time here ?
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