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  1. Atleast can you predict when it will end? I am really busy these days so cant check ingame. :(
  2. @Higgings @Jcbreff can you please tell me will this anniversary event stay till end of august?
  3. This is also a main problem for people who have little time to enjoy this pretty game...easier quests, less time-consuming dungeons etc these actions Devs can take as we all know life has become much busier than before
  4. What is the level cap of getting book drop from pontifiers?
  5. One think Dev's can implement that inactivity during arena player might lose points or no point gain . Anyway there are also plentiful good suggestions about arena reforms. Hope a major reform can bring interest to arena.
  6. Indeed...it's the right time Dev's should start taking "suggestions" section seriously
  7. Meanwhile who planned to create guide for these new characters to win forum guide competition : " Am I joke to you?"
  8. Devs are trying to cover up weak points...atleast every skill reworking update says so
  9. Why only speed? Ask for more stuns, heals ,minions, shield, immunity too....
  10. @Akasha is this update completely on skills adjustments or we can expect other things too?
  11. It will be too early to comment without testing on actual field rather than on papers.
  12. Lashabi

    class creation

    Which class will you gonna level up in this anniversary update?
  13. I agree with the bait part too..baits don't drop anything so it's cooldown time should be reduced drastically so that players won't have to wait long
  14. Seekers be like : if you need to clear some mobs, call me Make it warspear official trailer
  15. These skills should be renamed as "INNER FRUSTRATION" I have better idea that devs might like about bds new skill......make it passive skill
  16. Lol I saw a bd straight walked though the dark circles of 2 warlocks and killed them like they were pests
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