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  1. I saw many stuff back in the 6 years i played ( i quit in last uptade not like urscrewed saying "i quit" and be back in 3 days) people used clickbot for dgs / arena / even lab none of these got banned i say the truth in world chat like " this game is p2w" and get instant 14 days account banned.
  2. yes but it is dying ^^ back in 2015 everywhere was players map1 map2 now all empty atleast at mc side
  3. this game is so much p2w it became p2p
  4. bro this game is slowly dying :)
  5. nop , i died bcs the crash
  6. hmmmm strange the thing is i died in the dg , minion was gone too
  7. its just sad that they don't give a "small" gift
  8. Hello people , 3rd crash 3rd time in dungeon 3rd time minion + stam wasted. Thanks. atleast give us gifts for server crash
  9. I don't understand that in the first reading , but all ok now xd
  10. hope they make the dungeons possible for f2p players
  11. Hello people , i want to buy mcoin items worth 3k mcoins for gold say your ingame name if you are interested im paying well
  12. This games is slowly dying my friend
  13. Yes but warden needs good amps at least +6 and I saw wardens die even with 2 healers Bcs. they can't play
  14. I have a +8 (rest +1) lvl27 priest without mcoins so guess priest/Necro wins :)
  15. Why druid and sham? Aren't casters expensive because of that must-have CD on the staff?
  16. Hello guys, this question is in my mind since I started playing this game And today I need answers Wich char is the cheapest to make as a non mcoins player. Say 1mc and 1elf in your answer
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