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  1. I think they mean from scrolls pots runes etc... the resistance will be max 50%
  2. The only reason for that skill to carry shield is prohibited use of 2h weapon dmg at stun, as it is barbs are very strong with 1h mace...
  3. A small clarification here this 70% is the dmg at all levels of skill or at 1/4?
  4. Why seals low ap after reset? You guys reduced the ap per 2x tickets? Normally use to get 100+ even if a lose without any buff
  5. Unable to log even after updating!!!!!
  6. And what about same chars getting back to back drops while others getting back to back non worthy crafts? Are you all making some sort of fool out of people? Now dont say “only luck” because i fail to understand how 1 person has all the luck while others have all the bad luck fix your drop system, it needs improvement
  7. 100+ runs and 0 drop common have some moral to drop rates..... People have already stopped spamming dungeons because of this rate, tbh drop rates were a lil better when spring event started. 2x is just a joke. 20x higher rates on blue and green crafts.......
  8. Barb rush too, Lock 3 skills in total dark circle fear and weakness zone plus the combo of hex and pool of darkness charmer: 4 stuns stone, otherworldly fire, oppression and one that is a combo stun skill knowledge of the dead man. in total all mc controlling skills are stun based which cannot be removed by purification where on other hand elf controlling skills are removable by mere purification.! Do you even think Chop skill of a Barbarian does high damage and it's equal to the Hamstring skill of a blade dancer? Ofcourse no. Reality is it does only 1/3 of the total hamstring damage and players ignores to use it. Chop interact with only defeat skill if you don't know and it improves only 100 damage points only and a 1 yard useless low damage aoe. Oh that's an op interaction damage. Did u read the part where i did mention that chop interacts with defeat and has a completely different usage as compared to hamstring? U tested defeat+chop combo if both skills are 5/5 and 4/4 and are u sure it only increases by 100 dmg points? ofc not. Useless to explain to you because you just dont wanna learn the reality instead just keep attacking back with illogical stuff!!! No offense sir but i m done explaining u can continue
  9. Lmao.... you clearly didn’t understand what i am talking about, when i say a +6+7 char kills full greatness elfs.. i will leave u with it to understand first what i am talking about and then maybe could talk to you further. The discussion is endless.. please feel free to ask if u are not able to understand my point u know where to find me in game
  10. Lol really thats all u could take from the video that’s funny, i said how a lock can control a bd, that bd wasnt half afk or 0 resil that was a full greatness bd, maybe the lock player was pro who knew how to play a lock. :) it was just an example u took it much seriously.... no offence taken but u are simply whining about nothing here...!!!!
  11. Rogues can kill casters i almost 1 stun combo, same goes for locks, the amount of control that class has can nuke bds even though they have resist. Let me show u a video: IMG_1470.MOV See how a decent lock controls a full greatness bd. Looking at the changes from where i stand, i dont think these classes suffered any major nerfs. And again if somewhat buffs and nerfs are given to any side legions or sentinentals, each class has got buffed and nerfed, only thing is we arent whining about them thanks!!!!!
  12. Read again!!! I said +6+7 kill full greatness chars not full greatness bd. and again u saying these classes have 3 stuns minimum? Wow u really need to understand the difference between controlling skills and stuns please know the classes better before u make theories about them. If u say elf has more controlling skills(80% of which can be removed by simple purification) I would agree. Yes everyone is looking for a fair rebalance. lets wait for the test to happen before we even make huge descriptions about this rebalancing post sir!!!! given the fact how much hard work and criticism from players are involved give the developers some respect coz they make such changes completely unbiased i have played mc side(still have barb necro charmer rogue lock dk shaman) and now i play elf so i know the difference where on other hand u only have played mc so u fail to understand the rebalance no offence given or taken. I hope u would stop now:) I never said berserk is a dmg skill, strong blow basic barb skill, shield strike expert skill, defeat expert skill not to forget which interacts with chop skill and makes high damage on the other hand u compared bd hamstring to barb chop skill which is really funny because hamstring doesnt interact with other skills to make damage. and it is used by bd for immobilising the opponent. There is huge difference in both skills and the way they are used so....:)
  13. Barbarians have 3 dmg skills separately already, it doesn’t really need a rework there, Charmer pets make huge dmg in any game play scenario, and necro acid rain and poison can make massive dmg provided people make them 4/4, if u talk about these skills making low dmg in pvp, then sir u know pvp necro prefer put skill points on other controlling skills instead of these, (not to forget every class has a diff built for pvp and pve) chieftains aren’t vulnerable in arena atall , you want me to really mention names here of +6+7 chars nuking full +10 greatness chars in elf( not to forget how purification and jump pots are abused in arena). ofc that stun will make a huge difference in the combat lets just test the changes first then talk about if they are fair or unfair. if u calling controlling skills as stun, then i would suggest you need to really play at elf sir to improve ur knowledge about stun and how controlling skills are just useless against purification castle pots. People made themselves comfortable with playing other classes more at mc side is not the fault of devs. A full greatness necro leaves and plays chieftain is not anybody’s fault. People have their own preferences for diff classes they are more comfortable with. we cannot blame the community. in my opinion necro rogues warlocks are all very decent class to play with in any scenario(pvp pve wars) it depends on how you want to accept it. no hard feelings....!!!
  14. That’s exactly the reason for these changes, u looking at it from pvp point of view off course, and if people have set preferences to make parties doesnt mean nobody invites charmers in dg. U have a barb necro rogue charmer etc... how many times u invite charmers if u using tank? Or any other class except charmer. trust me my dear friend this update is more towards enhancing pve.... i have seen chieftain killing a bd in no time, now that they are given a stun too we should also whine about how strong that class is and doesn't need a stun with all that damage? I get ur point where u coming from but its a balance btw two sides not particularly about strong or weak classes. Thanks bro
  15. @Nolan @Holmes hi there anything about usage of castle pots in arena?
  16. Then those who play other classes dont know how to play a warlock or they really dont know how strong that class is. And the game is more about group fighting not 1vs1. warlocks are already strong that class doesn’t need enhancement
  17. He wont benefit from jump pots unless have a healer in pt. u on the other hand play chief and shaman both of which are broken in their own way and you know it, arena will seem more fair without in-house use of castle pots because except hunter and lock almost every class in mc have self healing skill which is absurd in a way. dk reserves barb combat fury Rogues trickiest technique where on the other hand all elf dmg classes dont have any healing skill comparing with elf damage classes: bd no heal mages no heal rangers no heal seekers no heal( high dependence on life steal) I would highly recommend inability of using castle pots in arena, i really dont mind castle scrolls or heal pots as eric said those are just buffs during fights usage of castle pots is totally unfair on any side either mc or elf. :)
  18. Elf dmg skills go off when use boat so same should be applicable for mcs too that what i mean if i use aura it disappears then should be same for mcs i think
  19. Only on the one you play other servers mcs are dominant I would suggest you check the data of others servers too
  20. Good u mentioned about aoe skill and castle pots except chieftains trashing none of the other skills can be removed by castle purification pots where on other hand fetter chains roots ham etc almost all controlling skills at can be removed by simple castle purification pots. so lets agree to removal of castle pots in arena before even talking about skill rebalancing. i am sure many ppl will agree to it atleast those who know how to survive without them
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