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  1. Yall should fix barbs stone skin , retribution rune makes it useless in 1v1 scenarios..
  2. Are u guys gonna lower the extra cd back to 15? Why increase it if its not hurting the target youre fighting, made barb weaker in 1v1 situations lol but yall will buff druid and dk nice
  3. Are y'all playing the same class that keeps slaughtering everyone in cave ? ... fitters banner shield bash jump stun ... damn near dead ...lol 600 hp left of 6k
  4. Lol yeah them stuns are insane , you just stand there and watch yourself die , maybe some higher cd so the stuns can't stack
  5. Lol i personally think bds blades of power should only do pve dmg , not increased dog in pvp you got noob bds +7 near nadir hitting me for 550 dmg normal on my +10 +9 full arena gear barb 2 normal hits 1k hp is gone and were talking about normal .. not skills and the +10 level 9 guild bds abusing that skill hit my 7k full res set for 870-900 dmg that is so malevolent idk how to explain it I'm supposed to be a tank and be durable but bds make my armor look like it's made of soft butter , counter attack would just ruin the game again to the point where mc will start quiting again , btw devs seri
  6. Barb needs buff lets go devs , help a brother out ik many barbs who spend good money for u guys including me who get trampled by dks bds and palas :*
  7. No way pala destroys barb , idk where u been lol i can kill pala if all my stuns work , which they honestly dont i guess im not lucky , but when they dont pala fetters me banner skill shield bash jump stun , with that combo my barb that has 7.1k def arena armor 5.4k hp gets dropped to 2.3k while hes full hp . Gotta play catch up after that which u cant its a loss , if u die to barbs you need to learn how to play pala
  8. Nah as a barbarian personally i struggle more with a paladin if my stuns fail they kill me in 8 seconds , they low key kill just as fast if not faster than bd , but that being said bds are broken as where palas are not. It takes lots of money to make a pala pro and kill quick , as where bd cant start slaughtering ppl at +6 id stay with pala tho , you wouldn't want ppl calling u a skilless scrub for playing bd lol
  9. Does anyone else wish warcry would get a buff ? Like palas def skill ? Like buff stays for 20 seconds too ? At 1/4 ? I don't see why they shouldn't it's not a damage skill or anything of that nature , it wouldn't be op either , it's just so useless
  10. Chop is better than sb, level it up and you'll see what fire means , it stacks and mine ticks 153 dmg vs a bd 6.5k def full arena armor it ticks 110 , it honestly kills your target quick af especially druids who have to counter chop dmg, say they heal 350 (we won't take into consideration armor) and they have to counter my 153 chop , leaves them duck healing 197 using roar also lowers their heal by 35% ? Idk percentage math but I'd imagine they're healing only about 70 hp every tick. Not only that you kill every class with haste. Stacking my 153 damage chop hits 306 every few seconds while als
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