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[2012.06.05] “Warspear Online: Astral Labyrinth” 2.10 Release


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Dear players!


AIGRIND announces long-awaited update of it's best mobile MMORPG «Warspear Online - Astral Labyrinth" 2.10 for Android, Symbian, iOS*, Windows Mobile and PC, which can be downloaded from the official site http://warspear-online.com/en/download/.  The major new features for players are Market that allows to trade and a new look and feel of Miracle Shop.


Attention! If you have problems with download speed, please use the following file mirror.


War between the Sentinels and the Legion now raging not only in the underground halls, but in the mysterious Astral Labyrinth. Waiting at the earliest time of arrival of the new reinforcements from Langasard and Moraktar, opponents are strengthening their rears. The war is war, and while some are killed in battle, the others get rich. Taking advantage of the calm before the storm, in the largest settlements of the Legion and the Guardian showed up enterprising dealers who are ready to challenge yourself against marketers of Chainless League.




Now, in order to buy or sell a valuable item, is not necessary spent hours chatting in Trade channel! Market will help players easily to sell or buy products to other players. By participating in the exciting process of trading, you will be able to demonstrate a new skills of the economist, analyst and broker, as well as directly affect on the economy in the world of Arinar.


To start trading, you must go to a special NPC, which is located in a public place of any major city. For each item you will be charged a small non-refundable deposit and, in the case of a successful sale – a commission. It is important to understand that the period of placing the items on the auction and their amount is not infinite. After the expiration of this item you will receive a letter with notification about its termination, and if sale was successful – the amount of gold, attached to the letter. If you happen to find a buyer for your product outside the market, you can always remove it from sale.


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A new look and feel of Miracle Shop


We have completely redesigned the Miracle Shop, and brought it to the general appearance of the Market. We hope that you will be comfortable to use it, especially on the phones with touch screens. Also there was a very interesting opportunity for those who like to benefit small purchases - a daily sales.


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The new character creation screen


The character creation screen is ready for 3.0 release! We, like you, looking forward to the moment when there will be new races and classes, and offer to start to study it right now.


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Native keyboard for Android phones


We did what you asked us for a long time: now on Android phones text input is made by using the native keyboard. We hope that the players who are familiar with their phone keyboard will appreciate this change.


Other changes


We also fixed many bugs that are collected by your reviews on the forum and support. Including:


- Fixed a bug with the return from Arena with a missing health.

- "Durable Shield" now has the correct level 10 and the corresponding value of bonuses.

- Shifting Crystal of Accuracy after inserting in item now gives the correct characteristics.

- The Merchant Lenar in Nadir-Sard now sells a new High-quality Medallion, special for the magic classes.

- On the item "Brigandine of Berengar's revenge" bonus of magic resistance to the sun changed to increase health.

- On the item "Helm of Berengar's guard" parry bonus changed to protection against magic of the sun.

- On the item "Aventail of Berengar's persistence" bonus protection from magic of the sun was replaced by parry.

- The value of certain items of equipment bonuses in the parameters of the character displayed incorrectly.

- When using healing skills is now possible to make a critical effect.


*) iOS version will be available in a next few days.

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puck you. Dont ever said that best  best update.,  until we not satifyde..  ,,, noob always noob, u better fix amplification percentage sucess,,

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Owh man we can't play it until tomorrow.




We can play agen 3-4 hrs. Now  thats the normal deu time, kuzzmitch said that, but if he cant make 3-4  hrs, the word ''best best update '' lie hahaha,,

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to be the best update. First make increase amplification succes, you know what i almost spent +9 sword with 97  signs,the when i  up to +10 i already used 150 sign still failed.. Wtf is that now tell is that best?????

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3.0 will be released in time for Christmas. hopefully by then im not playing this time raper anymore

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no :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: what happend to v3.0.0 :facepalm: wd we wanted to play withe new chars and the new market on the same day that wuld be cool but now u onley put market in some of us still stragel to get mc becors warspears pay bill is not fix for south afrika mmmmmm sms pay bill :shok: :shok:

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u need window version or windows mobile?






- those files u say are in windows mobile version....
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