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  1. what abou the issue about game automatic crashes on symbian????
  2. Devz this is true!!!! i have many friends in game now i hate them because they so annoying on and off because they said the game always crash when you move in next map auto close application fix it duck this update nobody wants it when will be the time that you will do it perfectly?
  3. i asked a question regarding the DROP BOW from us MCLANS i said is it a bug or something? WTF WHY YOU REPLIED ME NONSENSE ANWER THAT THIS IS NOT A BUG:) with matching smiley face wtf i farmed for months with that ducking useless bow which mclans cannot use and still you replied me nonsense answer be specific support !!!!!!!! dont make fun on us its not joke to farm 12 hours straight
  4. why the market is very useless?????????????First born cant still see the bow im selling can you give us a clue what we will do in this useless bow?
  5. we are mountain clans yet we still getting bows from astral cave 5 people in mclans have bows its very useless to us...is this a bug or something?? what we will do to this items??we ned your response many people are waiting...
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