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  1. My suggestion with new update has made rogues alot more able to kill just about anyone there dodge rate is way too much i have a seeker thats 10+ cant even kill a rogue 6+ cause kick in the back skill and dodge rate is so overpowered there should either be a skill allowing seeker accuracy boosted or lower the rate on dodge for rogue its ridiculous i pay money to still lose from some who dont pay anything winning off of basically overpowered skill of dodge and kick in the Bck of rogue they have unlimited dodge and heal skill now plus stuns its ridiculous
  2. Started last night my country 12hrs ago i kno cause it logged us off after countdown lol
  3. Been longer than "20ish mins" this dnt make any type of sense not to complain but u guys put a time for update try to stick to it
  4. You say 3 hours for update im starting get pissed off very annoying
  5. Can we get the game back on like i know its been 3 hours we been waiting patiently
  6. Roland wen will be new arena items 21or 23
  7. Yup you can join and no turtle just took little vacation lol Bump
  8. PLEASE ADD MY GUILD TO LIST Guild Name: PSO Guild Server: US-SAPPHIRE Guild Faction: Elf / Chosen Guild Link: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=106300.msg797824#msg797824er
  9. Prob gon take another damn hour to play :facepalm: :facepalm:
  10. ITS BEEN PAST 2HRS :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  11. We Are PSO. About Us : We are level 5 guild of 50 members always achieving for higher. Recruiting new members if u meet any of those requirements just pm any listed member for a invite were never too full for new recruits. We participate in wars, guild point tournaments, events, and arena. We take pride in our name we are PSO. Requirements : - Level 18+ [Main Characters] - Guild Points [2000 Every Week] - Alliance [Elfs & Chosens] - Server [US-Sapphire] - No Disrespecting - Be Active - Be A Team Player - Attend Upcoming Guild Events A Few Members : WalterSr - Leader. ImThePlugx - Leader. MongInOut - Leader. TankBlade - Leader. TheHoodx - Leader. Penitencep - Heir. Artlhas - Heir. PixieMist - Heir. Eroecr - Heir. Alazthore - Heir. And More..... PICTURES OF OUR IN GAME SUCCESS
  12. u aint know druids and priest can rape all warlocks they are useless against us :D
  13. I wish they let us play and stop making us waste potions unless GM gonna replace em????????
  14. So lame every few mins stop server and now gunz caught up on ABN cus of it makes us waste unity potions and etc
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