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  1. SaipBogu

    Indian community

    us me aa jao bhailog :drinks:
  2. omg moon :shok: :shok:
  3. for how much time wud da maintenance last :sorry: ,,,when can we start playin game again ;D
  4. xmoonlight and nepz aint scammers :facepalm:
  5. aww jaw..i know hes scammer,,,was just telling name of an old player :fool:
  6. MINE TOO,,frndzz r main reason i play warspear,,we cn cht,play,,hav fun,,its amazing :drinks:
  7. SaipBogu

    Level 200

    i tried moving nd cming back to dat place again,,but after it bcam lvl 20 again :facepalm: ,,mayb it was a lag r bug ;D
  8. kamine mera naam bhul gaya :'( ,,,,,and ye i know fizaa ;D
  9. awesome story h,,sun ke paani aa gaya aakhon mein :'(
  10. SaipBogu

    Level 200

    yea yea a dream,,,hope in future we get to that level :clapping:
  11. SaipBogu

    Level 200

    Is this a bug :pardon: level 200 ::)
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