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  1. :wacko: skinheads was created after lab came out.
  2. why are the costumes all for males... ever considered guilds has female members too? :cray:
  3. i had to squeeze all the ideas to a 5minute video.. had to trim the extra scenes so the dungeon part would be atleast 75% of the whole vid. for real 5minutes is too short. lol. thanks for noticing the finalfantasy theme btw. i used my faves from all ff games , glad someone appreciated it haha ;D
  4. lol congrats guys. only vid i watched is shilan's. thanks for the giftcode mr.snorlax :give_rose:
  5. Warspear Online- Campfire Tales: A Christmas Fairytale Created by Keizsha US-Sapphire January 12, 2014 Actors IceQueen - Keizsha Hero - Kblitz Grinch/Guard - Devlprince Werewolf/Snowman - Xshamy Werewolf/Jester - Jhaysie Azure - Emild Soundtracks Prelude - Final Fantasy 7 OST Only Time - Enya Balamb Garden - Final Fantasy 8 OST Desperate Struggle - Final Fantasy 13 OST Battle Theme - Final Fantasy 9 OST Fight On - Final Fantasy 7 OST Dont Be Afraid - Final Fantasy 8 OST note: I was planning for a better end scene.. but we became too busy with holidays so i wasnt able to shoot it.. hope y'all like the video.. the songs I used are some of my favorites.. im not into christmas music.. thanks to my friends who helped me in making the scenes... edits: dungeon scenes longer as required by the rules thanks for watching ;D
  6. syntoot got banned for selling his doom blades for real money yelling it on tchat, and the screenshot was just sent to me by a friend. i was a meanie back then but i wont do that to someone who helped me when i was new on MC side. :blush: anyways, i have nothing against pavan and vortex. im in sithlords and i respect the people in it except umm... nevermind. absalom and his members has been really good to me and kblitz inviting us to join em after our long vacation. siths have cool people. but yea, i know we cant please everyone and there would always be a disliker/hater in a group so just learn to accept that fact. ;D
  7. why drop my name here? i just got back home from my mom's, i only log on game coz my phone suck and cant log on forum. im not Sithlords. but we know who he is of course. like what i told davey im not gonna comment on this guild war., i actually have friends on both the guilds that is fighting. i dont hate anyone even those who hate me. and pavan, what would i get if i reported hanamitchi? just a little history, hanamitchi/sakuragi/marzs are the ones that helped my 1st and 2nd mc chars on leveling from 1-15, they helped me on quests and collected daily quest items for me, im grateful to them so why would i want hana banned? ;D live healthy and happy, forgive those who hurt you. and move on. HAPPY HOLIDAYS :drinks:
  8. omg i love that note my baby wrote, he wrote it the day we had a misunderstanding, a LONG time ago. he's so sweet :blush: just funny how people can NEVER move on. anyways, me and Chris is still together, goin for our 6th month. and all of those months with him is heaven :blush: thank you for lettin' me know im still not forgotten even if im not playing warspear for 3 months now. its funny how some people live in the past. ohh and btw pvprange, this fb of yours https://www.facebook.com/duane.smith.568 is now blocked from mine and kb's fb pages ;D ~ ty to my bestfriend for 4years now, emild for givin me this link :friends: i love you too babe :blush:
  9. me and kblitz been off this game for a while, weird thing is how y'all still talk about us. lol cant recover i guess and we are still together. i just visited this forum coz my bestfriend drg/emild pm'ed me on fb about it. anyways here are some screens showing kblitz is +9 :lol: im outta here again, be back in another 2months. kthxbai
  10. really fluguy? i scammed badd 10$ worth of mcoins out of his google play card? lol. and where did the 400k come from? really? yea i wouldnt let him unbind shiit on kblitz's account because kblitz told me not to let anyone log on his account. we had the deal that im the one who's gonna log on the char and unbind stuff. but he cant load mcoins thru website by using google play card. not my fault. people's true colors really? ohh read the screenshot of badd's message to me on fb. if he's ur "good" friend u should know if its really his fb account or not. oh btw, i just sold demonologist suit to anihilator that same day so yea maybe i got reasons on scamming badd off his 10$. ohh and please tell him, because of what u said here in forum about me, im not gonna log on kblitz's account ever again. he can wait til 3months til kblitz is back., by then he can take back his gears, im already done with forum and this game so stop dragging me in dramas. note: Google play cant be used to buy anything in PHILIPPINES.
  11. please fix the crash on android and some other clients when they join a guild. and please remove that other members can invite people. make it only leader can invite. :facepalm:
  12. only druid i know that is a legend is PROSERPINE :unknw: author of this topic: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=34612.0
  13. :unknw: mechy has a point, just another guiding glove for dark def coz the lv17 heal glove has no dark def.
  14. the account i made for my friend was manually activated by an admin here. if you just made a topic before april 3 for forum account activation your cousin shouldve made it. or maybe u shouldve submitted the emblem urself for your cousin. :unknw: there are so many other ways if you really want to. dont just blame aigrind, theyre busy people too ;D
  15. manually activated. thank you. ;D you can delete pwap images mr.dev. i uploaded my fave smileys on my own photobucket for safety :blush:
  16. :( its not a dangerous site. :blush: from our country tho. ill just reupload images to photobucket then, i like their smileys, so cute ;D btw, i tried making an account for a friend here in forum. she tried making her own but she dont get email for activation. help please? :( ZeeLiN
  17. ty guys congrats phil and katherina and kua harass. and specially to my bff jhuzt and no :tease:
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