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  1. Some diappointments for some players who made lots of chars lv3 hoping to gets chest.hahahhahahahhahahaha.A
  2. on forum front page 'download latest version 3.9'???
  3. KHAZH MAAR'S DOOM IN EARLY MORNING TAP TAP; FXX SFXX; Sound of people marching become louder and louder each moment. This noise broke the good early sleep of Khazh Maar. A gaurd rushing came and said 'My lord,enemy is coming to steal your weapons'. Khazh Maar: 'Steal My weapons!!!,For that they must kill me which is impossible' and laughed 'Ha ha ha' which echoed all over the abbsy. Khazh Maar ordered 'KILL THEM ALL'. However, Khazh Maar seems relax;and smiled by himself;Knowing that he can’t be killed till he is inside the circle ;the ultimate barried,which was marked,blessed,enchated by anciet spells by the Mighty Lord Kuzmitch himself.'THE CREATOR.' He was so confident that he thinks himself immortal,he underestimated the enemy's abilty and strategy for wining battle from early days of warspear. The old Parasite;who hold the knowledge of entire abbsy and knew humans abilty and strenght for long time since the era of astral labyrinth, from his close interaction with them, Laughed 'He He He'. at Khazh Maar. Knowing that he has only few mins of live left. "If want to live,go back to your sleep";Parasite advised Khazh Maar. “Shut up',u puny insect”Khazh Shouted back. Khazh Maar was provoked by the humans and falled for their trap.He charged,leaving the circle at the human with anger and forgot about the Kuzmitch saying “U are immortal! but till u stay inside this circle". Suddenly he realized that he is not in the circle,but it was too late to undo his mistake.Khazh Maar made his final groan which echoed in entire abbssy. trembling the ground before turning into dust. Thanks-
  4. Takshan

    Server down?

    Connect.............................................ing :facepalm: or conection lost :bad:
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    me too ;D others r :nea: thx
  6. Changes 1.scrl reapiar now 29mc 2.Mobs increased hp 3.more harder in selecting of lvl18items 4.durality of items decreased 5................ :crazy: :crazy: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. mayb ,nxt time give the reason of stoping the server in short in ingame :blush: so we know why stop :tease: ;D
  8. Mc squares is larger than elf square ! larger area long walk long time .Elf squae area so smal ,can pass in pass the area in few secs .
  9. just wondering ! Why they did reverse astral labbyrinth? BTw why not reverse BG entrance? THan u can say BG too didnt went unnotice :D :D
  10. wonder how much heal if use astral items like lvl17 rings,amulet 18,claok 17 n lvl18 wpn with astral ! 1k+ ? Bad at calculation ,so pls try to estimate it :D Just wondering what can do at high lvl :D
  11. go check amber now,showing many new items,wps ring with dark/sun.jaldi jaah :P
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