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  1. Allready mentioned will be Updated after 3.5 Update as per official rules !
  2. I still remember meeting her at Nadir during the early days of the game can't forget a sweet person like her maybe our prayers didnt reach her hope it reaches her child so he could be wonderful as daisy was we shall always miss you Daisy Thank you for a wonderful time !
  3. There are many apps to take SS where you can assign a certain button to take a ss !
  4. I would like to know which of our skills are better than yours ?
  5. The buged option was removed but still No coins !!!!!! When will we be able to buy coins ?????
  6. That could be only about suprise chest they dont reveal everything ! Just hoping for chest free costumes !
  7. Its not only range but more of the Aoe stun with a set of five warlocks or shamans there is no chance for melee class to win they need to revaluate the aoe stuns !
  8. Easily possible with 5 shamans !
  9. Its nothing new allways been like tht high values go down & lower values rise up if it wasn't so the servers would be full of players playing not quiting !
  10. You get more points in 3v3 or 5v5 mostly 40 pts in 3v3 & 80 pts 5v5
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