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  1. My guess is that it will be after this Holiday event
  2. The hell is going on there lol
  3. Oi! or just change it so that it does damage over a period of time, just like volcano map.
  4. What is inside that [Treasury of Evil Sandro] ? Just Evil Sandro costume or what? Not talking about consumables and bars. Some say that level 22 weapons are inside too.
  5. Yeah, what is this? People buying Miracle coins and supporting you guys, gets up ended with a temp ban? I hope this gets sorted out asap as Loveshaman said, her friend was preparing for Signs of Imperishability discount. What just if it is tomorrow and he can't buy it? Kinda of a waste
  6. Any word from devs? Is this equipment suppose to be like this?
  7. You're right, it has mana instead of mana regen. It's kinda unfair. Change it please
  8. Did somebody got anything useful inside that chest from Sam hain's quest? I guess its just my bad luck. Our whole party got just bars and pots, twice.
  9. jonny

    hotkey issue

    Yes, add some hot-keys please. We are seriously in need of it, especially with this upcoming Median night event. I can't sacrifice more of my skills to use some new ones there xd
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