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  1. nothing for mage on new island.... there skills are very harmfull for them... they cant even use them.. there life is short.... there ....... in short mage cant do all quest alone i bet... on N0 1= shaman, druid, necro.. Healers on no 2= tanks.... good armors on no 3= ranger, rouges.... good hit on no 4= mages and other... cant use skills .... unable to do quest..
  2. what the helll dev's what is this 2 to 3 hours for to reach there..... and the elf;s kill where they see us... its a fact that elf are more in numbers then MC..., i am not saying that take favor of mc;s but do something... hard to go and impossible to play .. they dont hunt monsters they hunt MC.. heart cry when we dead there.. 2 or 3 hours running ends up death by elf hands.... 1. either make a reswapn statue or 1. make it like nadir cant kill each other anywhere there... dont do anything else...
  3. Kotaravva and swamp should be saprated ... reswpan statue should be there ... other changes are execptable ..
  4. reduced? :facepalm: /.. u mean... we cant go there.. playing 2 hour and i can go there.... after dieing 20time, all armors broken. then i reach there.. then a food mc/elf kill me.. and i hve to staart it again what a foolishness....
  5. ... oh dear :facepalm: .. u read it too.., i am not say saying who come first and who comes later... i dint said warspear is first.. i said.. who is better .. and who is coping these days.... i didnt said warspear first at all...
  6. read again ..... and this time... read it carefully..... its for those who say .. we ll move just tibiame is better.. read it.... before quote
  7. Tibiame is the worst game i played ever i reached lvl 60.. and find nothing.. there update are worst and useless... there is no freedom of play like warspear... i know warspear is slow in update but the update has some worth...... tibiame is copying warspear these days.. 30 % of tibiame me player now play warspears these days.. ... ... after playing warspear i cant think to play tibiame anymore... not even they give me 120 day prem... tibiame copied 1. pleatnium is copy of warspears Miracle coins 2. free access to indusial island now coping .. they offer weekend bonus... 3. bossfight is beeing copied .. loot and reward from boss too 4. guild system is copy 5. letter system is copy 6. trade system is copy (trade chat) .... warspear is implemented laterly as market place note:- u cant move a inch when u r free player in tibiame, in warspear u can play as u like,,,, so dont even say that u will move to that crab game.... if u wana go just leave.. and dont even compair tibiame shit to WARSPEARS ONINE ... got it
  8. BUG.. game crash when using scroll of transportation (gift) nokia 500 and windows 7 both
  9. friends you have wasted my precious four 4 months with doing nothing :facepalm: ........... :fool: give us 3.0
  10. buddy dont need anything else of............. 3.0
  11. true .. my fault i downloaded windows phone... not windows pc thanks ..
  12. _setup warspear.000 warspear.001 warspear.002 files in my folder how to install them i dont know
  13. game files for windows error ... :nea: dont know how to install them :wacko:
  14. :facepalm: no update till yet :facepalm: devs :aggressive: what are u doing ??.. :diablo: better release the update today, what the helll yaar :search:
  15. "nice photos" :pleasantry: now ... tell me only about update... Update update update.... two week gap i thought they will surprise us with download 3.0... but they give us information which really not needed.. :fool: :facepalm: .. plz... its too long.
  16. ok time pass..... 5 5 best player in mc 5 best players in elf 5 worst players in mc 5 worst players in elf 5 good players in mc 5 good player in elf 5 worst player for mc (mc ws elf) 5 worst player for elf (elf ws mc)
  17. its an update update update... someone told be................. :clapping: my heart
  18. hip hip hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... greats job devs... :clapping: what a record ... unbelivable
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