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  1. JEZ MY GOD This is outrageous, they will keep a monopoly on relic production selling each of them for hundreds thousands of gold. Why dont you just give them a skill that cost 100k mc and kill whoever they click on?
  2. most of game already quieting because pvp is dying and pve is long dead, all dungeons drops are between 1k to 100k which is just not enough to move people . arena is a history , only thing there is to get much needed arena points are win and lose which is actually is prohibited in every game there is. overpowered means well in this game, everything is unbalanced . GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND GIVE UP A REAL UPDATE.
  3. Its utterly useless Give us lvl or something normal ppl can use not just a rich minority Castle : 500 ppl would use it and its not that good or useful(money waster and elite promoter) More lvl for guild : worst thing here , giving more power to money bags and turning game into more dictatorship under few guild leader rules. Relics : more dmg for high lvl guild members that go dg and arena , not so good for normal ppl Exp and arena buff: not bad though not comparable to buffs you gave to high guilds More relics: could make game more unbalanced than it is Thanks for nothing.
  4. Didnt you read my first post? Winning doesn't feel like winning . A bot can do whatever you can do... that's no winning in a game as old as this one.
  5. Pvp area says differently. Low arena participantion say differently. Swamp and everywhere that you have no partner says differently. What the hell other person going to do if he /she is too under permanent cc?
  6. It's not about just duel but arenas for all that matter. Pvp is only enjoyable part in warspear , i don't want it see ruined because some pitiful loser that wasted lot of money on her druid .
  7. First of all As i said permanent stun doesn't just hurt the opponent but both (i explained how). secondly resist has a limited function here, turning duels and fight to a randomize ending battle which is totally about who resisted , and who started the fight( this is even ture in higher percentage of resist) . And lastly as a warspear player i want to see game balanced so fights won feel like won by me atleast a bit , with warspear already has high p2w effects fixing this problem is a priority.
  8. I'm opening this topic for your suggestions. we have 3 kind of cc ; mobility ( cant move, slower moving or uncontrollable moving ) skill blockers ( silence) and combination of two or more ( cant move and skill) . my suggestion is to give anyone that receive any of this kind of cc 1 sec immunity to those kind. for example if anyone uses druid root on you u are immune to other mobility and skill blockers of 1 sec taking their permanent stun ability ( paladins fetters of justices will go resisted). this would disqualify permanent stun build as a viable build, which is a complete insult to this game... its not just for classes without permanent stun but for all. the victor is the aggressor , the starter while winning by this method is not satisfying and losing is pure annoying.
  9. So this is the last week? 2x drop and chest sales already...
  10. ya this idea was worked on in guild war2, 2x tab on hotkey activate the skill . this means heal in healer classes would self heal and skills with area of effect( aoe ) activate where your mouse is targeted. this really decrease the frustration of healing yourself and attacking and healing others(keep in mind classes like bladedancers have very little work while shaman and such bust their ass off with so many clicks).
  11. Least they could do is either add some mobility skill or survival skill. Another stun is also great. With charmers with that explosive damage and unbreakable defence + permanent stun what chance do shamans have?
  12. Why is that too much to ask? Pvp area already done it with free choas, only shared chat is missing.
  13. what the hell you talking about? duels are part of mmo
  14. arena never took the place pvp cave... also they starting something like this in event, its way better its permanent.
  15. I suggest that you change pvp cave to a full map( no wall space) , everyone become chaos as they enter and elfs can talk to you in area chat. also you could put some kind tournament for champions or something.
  16. if i want to trade with someone ill check their profile...
  17. well i know the risks but if the trader is from the forum , the risk is lower.
  18. i'm looking for transfer about 200k US mc side and to 70k US elf side to either mc or elf in eu server. pm healtondar in mc side or squaall in elf side EU server. ( i also accept Halloween chests or signs)
  19. we need a unity discount in this week , no one selling unity and this opportunity is flying away
  20. looking to buy unity signs for Eu mc side, but i can pay it in Eu elfs ,Us mc and elfs too
  21. Hi, at the first I have to thanks your hard working on this game and joyful time that u brought to us by updating etc. not long ago I had 2account that had similar password and emails, it was good and fast enough till u changed system for fourth or fifth time to removing old password again... so my account/guild have been lost Problem is, my email on account wasn't a real one. So I am asking u, is there any way to get my account / guild back? PS: I have lot both profs and witnesses xd
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