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  1. I got a litl thought .. what if you can inspect youre frends armour but he must like alow it at setings and duel if you inter act with him you can like duel him would be wery fun i wanna challenge few of my frends and so ond just for fun :unknw:
  2. 1vs1 :lol: wil be good yes :lol: and it wil be greater if u can pick ure opnent like u frend or someone ho think they stronger then u it wil be best :yahoo:
  3. we will bigin low and the end of the day we shel grow larger and larger and the end of the day we will injoy a nice cold :drinks: we wil kill those hoe stand in ouer way just give us time to grow.. leader 1.chris members 1.deviruchi
  4. chris

    how to make clan

    okey tanx i think they will make a clan systm some time ..
  5. chris

    how to make clan

    hi there how do i make a clan
  6. no :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: what happend to v3.0.0 :facepalm: wd we wanted to play withe new chars and the new market on the same day that wuld be cool but now u onley put market in some of us still stragel to get mc becors warspears pay bill is not fix for south afrika mmmmmm sms pay bill :shok: :shok:
  7. chris

    smiles in the game chat

    lol me to :drinks: :clapping: :clapping: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. wil there be sms pai bill for sout-afrka how i wont mc nut n dont trast de card pay plzzz make a s-z pai nill ::)
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