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  1. healing rats, how to do that room? Thanks!
  2. already found a bug in windows client. If I set sound volume (not music) to 0 it stay 0 in the settings, but if I exit game and start game again sound is heard, even in settings it is at 0. To mute it again I have to set sound to 16 then back to 0.
  3. Or, will be nice that leveling up would not be automaticaly. Just acumulate experience and when you want to level up to some level, you hit "level up" button, and chose your desired level. If you have enough experience,when you hit "apply", or "done", you get to that level.
  4. I farmed in Melvendil, there was drop if not gear or catalyst at least defence sphere, but on Langasard farmed 2 bosses with no drop at all, so maybe it is some bug they not drop anything
  5. anyone know if bosses from Langasard drop anything?
  6. PC client - If check map, game lag... another bug, after arena is done timer remain under map image (5min)
  7. I forgot to say that I tested 64 bit version only...
  8. Hi, I use kubuntu 12.04. When I start warspear it ask for existing account or make new one. If I log in into an existing account, after exit and restart warspear, login settings are there. But if I restart linux, then when I start warspear again it won't remember my last login. but settings are still there in home folder in ./config/warspear . if i login again then warspear remember settings again for that ubuntu session, but until restart...
  9. I would like to make a suggestion for shortcuts, we need to be able to assign shortcuts to different keys (not only numbers). On phones with numeric keypad current shortcuts are ok. But many new devices don't have numeric keypad. When play on pc, if I want to use numeric shortcuts is not so easy because they are in line (9 keys in line), a bit hard when not looking at keyboard to hit desired key. At least, if not, add ability to set different shortcuts, or let us be able to use numeric keypad from right side of keyboard. Also there are many keyboards that don't have numeric keypad (notebook, pc, keyboards for tablets). A useful configuration would be: ...
  10. I would like a black knight/knightess costume in game... Here are some pictures for inspiration, maybe someone can draw something nice: Black knight: Black Knightess: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQO1Urgfng-15JuzvGIprNU57Mi0AJHazPsDNjw004fUUXGAi1v http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRAsY4pguOEuXVZW09udAVl5fRjwKzjY3VHv14vaoX3cQFWto6c
  11. my chars are at least 3, and the point is not that, anyway... and where is the difference between a level 3 char that stay forever there, or a level 1? I think is the same..
  12. I don't agree with this, if you want to reserve your name? and raise char later? I don't think you will like your char to be deleted or changed.. also what about snorlax kuzmitch chars? they get deleted too if inactive:P and some take over and fool players?
  13. Started to play when game was beta test - 15 free days and quests were in RU. lang. After those 15 days could not play anymore because needed subscription and my country didn't had sms pay for this game. Then, when game became free to play, started again fresh.
  14. Didn't read your suggestion yet, is an idea that I got from Counter Strike game (PC), sorry if is something like yours, I hope you not mad:)
  15. I want to add to this, arena with multiple rounds (3, 5, 10, 30) and a game like cs in arena (plant the bomb/defuse the bomb) but instead of base use a castle and instead of bomb use a flag. The team with the flag must conquer the castle and set the flag in some location. if flag stays in that location for ~10 seconds then that team win. Random pler get the flag, the flag can be dropped, ad it appears on ground and can be taken, if player with flag dies, his body glow, and any other player from its team can take it. After flag is set in location, if someone from castle defender team get it, then game is won by his team. Or this can be an event not arena, where any number of players can go, and it takes place only 1 or 2 days/week.
  16. Added a suggestion of IceKiller: last seen at ....
  17. This is a good idea if they add profile info, to all chars as suggested here.
  18. Why not keep track of lost / drop equipments / weapons and sell in miracle shop tickets to play lottery or roulette for those items? When a piece of equipment / weapon is lost, it will appear in lottery / roulette with 0 amp and without rune / crystal. If a piece of equipment / weapon is drop it will get in lottery / roulette same + amp as before drop, and same enhance as before drop. Waiting your opinion on this, hope you all like this! Another suggestion similar to this by SnI3eRGhO$T~.
  19. I agree with achievements, secrets / hidden areas and mini games too. For secret area: To open a secret door/portal.. you have to drop certain items in certain places, or move objects(rocks) in certain places (like a puzzle). That will trigger a secret door or portal to appear for few seconds. and will be able to click on it only that player that solved the puzzle. Also some use of mini games: For some quests you get option to either pick a random reward(swamp like reward - hidden) or play a mini game. And based on mini game score you get you can chose from some rewards. example: If you get a score of 500 points (average score, let's assume that max score can be 1000), then you can reveal 2 rewards and after that pick one of revealed or one of others that are not revealed. If you get max score you can reveal all!
  20. where you can see that? for any char? what u see there is account creation date... devs can get profit from this too if they are creative, that i won't suggest because they are good at it :D Anyway this is not so hard to implement because most of infos are already in game database, they just need to make a form to display them...
  21. If he is offline? And i don't think that most of people want to always say same things again and again... for every friend that ask...
  22. try now to find someone in arena rating list, if he is somewhere in middle of that list, u will have to take some time to find him, and to be able to check his rating. With a profile you just click a name in chat, or in friend list, or interact and you get a new button "profile" or "info". when you click that you see that player info... also try now to tell a char gender just by looking at him, very hard if he has a costume... creation date is only for getting gifts when it is "birth" date...
  23. actually this will make less players get "scam", because buy/sell for miracle coins will be only in market, and market is an automatic system, also this way people who not afford to buy coins will not get "scammed" anymore because of "If you want miracle coins give me your id and pass and I will add u some coins!". I know this will be trouble for scammers so....
  24. I saw in other games that players can sell items in game for a currency same as miracle coins, and i thought why not here. This will not affect company AIGRIND in a bad way, because those miracle coins come from other players that purchase them... This way give a chance to those who can't afford to buy with real money to be able to use miracle shop too..
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