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  1. Would rogue be neat for stun?
  2. You and your every BD drama but i agreed on the dodge. Rest is exagerate crap
  3. Hamstring is silence+dot, root is silence, fetter is silence and cage is silence. If refer to stun yeah we sentinels lack of stun but that doesnt mean we have no stun at all.
  4. some people know, some don't. This topic is for those who wanted to know a little bit about BD. For those who already know...good for you.
  5. Some people wondering wtf is BD , if its a tank why can't it use shield?, why so much attack for a tank type. Well that's because BD is a Fighter type, ever heard of Warriors?, some MMOs have this class, they dont use shield instead they are using 2h sword and some double swords, they don't use shield because they are meant to do dps and using heavy armor to catch up ranged opponent cuz they dont have high dodge and it cant kill faster than assasins/rogue, so they are good with their def and attack but not as good as shield user like knight and fast killing machine as assasins. This is what de
  6. Believe me devs wont touch hamstring anymore. If they did they would've done it yeeaaarrssss ago. Its a good skill for BD, BDs are naked without it, just like warlock without circle.
  7. Devs really made a smart move by making relics. it may not enough for most people but its a start. Balance is impossible but strategy is possible.
  8. The power of Ra, sun armor +bark skin wow its like mage using heavy armor lolololol
  9. There is no such thing as perfection

  10. When will it be?, i missed the music soooo much.
  11. @Nab, still talking 1v1 i see. There is no such thing as balance in 1vs1. People like you will never learn on how WS works. Always using BD as your tremendous excuse. Never know why this guy hate this class so much eventhough it got nerfed MANY times. Maybe deleting BD will suffice your lust. BD isn't immortal/invincible, all class can counter BD, it isn't unstoppable, it isn't unstunable, it isn't unCCable and it isn't unsleepable and i think all class have those skills to overcome BD.
  12. she support her own ideal, are we talking about druid or bd here?, yes i know elves cried alot in the past, but now you cried alot almost every single thing and i wanna know why are you crying about another bd skills that and i want my answer from my previous post you seem didnt swallow all of my reason on previous post, only the weak points that you replied. i didnt see her acting like veterans, they didnt go as far as her. being mod isnt easy, i know she is new but try to keep attitude, you didnt work for insulting people do you?(just a word of advice). fail to reason why counterattack is e
  13. why is it mc always ♥♥♥♥♥ing about all of new skills for BD, thats the answer i never get until now, pray for nerf everytime we got new skill. they already nerfed counterstrike(it wont do any crit) and this skill needs luck to unleash it and its only good if you lvl it up to 3/4 or 4/4, then again we have to sacrifice some points for this one skill. 1/4 or 2/4 can never become overpower. @powley you are new here as mod, have some respect to become a good mod you musn't be one sided. so far you only support one side, you're not like the other veteran mods here, so learn from them and yes elves
  14. in case you didn't know, counterstrike is based on luck not on certainty like poison skill and it can be block and dodge. and what do you mean by we die if we poison a bd?.
  15. Tung4u

    Rogue is OP

    useless post by ignorant.
  16. pathetic, cant even reply appropriately, calling me a liar when i made 1 mistake is kinda makes you a horrible person. you never make any mistakes in your life?.
  17. the more people playing rogue the more rare+expensive the item cost. that goes to all class and more demand.
  18. yay for me then to be able to entertain a big baby like you. @sulla barely cried about counterattack?, this post is about counterattack and you support these crier and fanatics of yours. here, you told me to stop crying, what about you?, cant scan yourself in cry mode?!. how do you know 3/4 rush is 80% probability 80%? and where did you get this 8seconds from?, devs told you? or you just another smartass that ive always seen!. 3/4 rush stuns for3 sec and ham(5/5) disable for 3sec(almost4 sec). you should see well whose crying and whose the defending. most mc always cry over single skill. i do
  19. i've seen this many times in pvp cave 1 & 2.
  20. i see, thanks. i didnt read it carefully last time. its permanent then.
  21. i dont mind if it's no crit, just like elusive jump. seriously cry about this counterattack just about everything. lower the damage ,make it no critical, make the cd longer, make the buff shorter. my god mc does own this game than devs themselves. seriously im srious about the no crit just to balance the cry of the rouge's elusive.
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