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[2015.10.29] Game servers stop

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Dear players!

Hello there,

long-awaited update is coming, that's why we want to inform you about the servers stop on 29/10 at 15:00 CET. We want to prepare and update game realms after this.
Game will be unavailable for about 3 hours.

Please, don't plan anything serious on this time. Thank you in advance for your patience and situation understanding.

Take care,


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Do the servers stop/restart for 10 or so minutes like usual. Then after the restart of the game servers, an announcement in game like "SYSTEM: Server will be stopped in 23 minutes" will be said. Then once that certain amount of time is over, then the 3 or so hour update for Median Night will start? Is that how it'll work? :)


Sorry for my misunderstanding! :P

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All Listen , This game at Under Maintenance And admins are doing this maintenance their best!  :) Please Don't ask Any Questions From admins and don't send messages . Please go Do any thing in your real life  :give_rose: I'm go to sleep for a While. When server back , i wake up. Now go do any thing in your real life :) or watch T.V.


Yours , Heoughten  :good:

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