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    Warspear Online - Windows Version

    Hi all, I can't Download Steam in my Laptop because this is not mine... I only have Warspear Windows Version in this laptop.. Right now all the games have full screen mode, but why Warspear online haven't? Please developers make the Windows Version Full Screen Mode.. I Don't like to use applications like Auto Windows Manger to Change Resolution of Warspear, also it doesn't change some of things... I hope you will make Full Screen Mode. Thank You!
  2. Heoughtenn

    Warspear Online - Windows Version

    It is a Test Client Version. And It's Game version is 7.1.0 ... Also the Link is Deleted!. Anyway Thank you for Replying 🙂
  3. Give free Surprise Chests to all of lvl 5+ players
  4. hehe , Christmas INCOMING
  5. I'm waiting for New Updates :)

  6. Heoughtenn

    PvP and Arena discussion board

    Oh , I found the PvP cave at 2nd map.
  7. Heoughtenn

    [Important] When is steam warspear?

    I wanna play warspear online with Steam . Warspear online added to green light Few Years ago but no answer yet. I'm waiting for steam warspear online I hope it add Soon.
  8. Heoughtenn

    [Important] When is steam warspear?

    ok.im waiting
  9. Heoughtenn

    Help me bug at version 5.2.0!

    My Problem is ..When I at Dungeon , the game close automatically and giving error " Warspear Online Has been Stopped " and Sometimes i can't enter game the after Error . My Platform is Zigo Eon 6i . Help me please
  10. Heoughtenn

    Help me bug at version 5.2.0!

    hmm , Then what i do? Change Phone Software?
  11. Heoughtenn


    October 24 , my character name is Heoughten - Eu-emerald - at Salvations Guild add mine
  12. Heoughtenn

    [2015.10.29] Game servers stop

    All Listen , This game at Under Maintenance And admins are doing this maintenance their best! Please Don't ask Any Questions From admins and don't send messages . Please go Do any thing in your real life I'm go to sleep for a While. When server back , i wake up. Now go do any thing in your real life or watch T.V. Yours , Heoughten
  13. Heoughtenn

    [2015.10.01] Game servers stop!

    How to be the forum member?
  14. Heoughtenn

    [2015.10.01] Game servers stop!

    1 hour maintence = 3-4 hours maintence?
  15. Heoughtenn

    [2015.09.17] Game servers stop!

    Hey Julie , Is Elm Boss Drop items?
  16. Dear Developer , I waited So many time , But it saying " At the moment the Sever is Under Maintenance.We are Doing the utmost to finish it as soon as Possible " I started try 3 hours . Please tell me how many time that Maintenance want?
  17. Finally! Awesome Update Released. I Can't wait . Game saying '' At the Moment the Server is under maintenance. We are doing the Utmost to finish it as soon as Possible. " . Please make Warspear Online Windows Full Screen
  18. Awesome Update When Is Halloween Or Christmas Event Maps? Please Tell me the Date of Halloween Update
  19. Add 10 set signs Gift please I want Signs