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  1. Giving bds extra dmg buff and speed buff doesnt balance the game...soon bds will get 2k dmg and some players still cry about rogues and wlocks
  2. It's obvious devs love elf side...they allways "develop" something to counter mc skills...like they did with rogue dodge passive and barb skin...and everyone knows what i'm saying its true
  3. If there is a trick I think the moderator should give us a clue at least
  4. the mobs keep spamming everytime you kill them
  5. Fix bd counter... this skill shouldnt crit....when you guys " the developers" descovered that rogue jump can do a critical hit you removed the critical chanse..do the same on bd counter...its the same problem
  6. Drop rate so low i did 5-6 seekers to get only 1 skin *z*
  7. If you guys keep spaming the forum its gonna take more time to get the update ready...they cant answer your questions and write the update codes on the same time
  8. NOOOOOB SYSTEM all sale ARE USELESSS This so"called system" ruins the game
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