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  1. why cant just give a player having good time in this event stop making it more complicated with changes
  2. Is the a bug on buying mcoin? Cause usualy on near weekend theres disn like 19.99$ = 4.5k mcoin yes?
  3. yea tthink abt this pete appreciate it theres lv 6 , 10 , 14 who need unique relic too
  4. can someone pls control this julie from talking shit on every post
  5. Since yesterday. Who would u take if ur trap in deserted island?
  6. Since yesterday. Who would u take if ur trap in deserted island?
  7. Buy staff lv13 +9 on elf side us shappire
  8. So for example attack relic onlydrop from boss and not from DG?
  9. How about the less good tank? Just leave it like tht? No exprience no nothing xd aggro on healer should be tone down a bit so tht it wont aggro so much .
  10. Unlike those class u state above they can regen tht skill in the middle of the fight but lock its a naaah nnahhhh. And also just like wht i was saying even a long range mobs can easily cancel that passive pfttt
  11. As u can see this expert skill more or less useless tbh as retribution rune can easily cancel it on pvp, some long range damn nab mobs 1 hit and booom the passive gone cant even stay longer than one sec lel no wonder dev called it " relax " cause it dont do much it just relax~ enuf said. If only devs can adjust it a bit like, (Power of Relexation) passive Damage increases when you , minion or party member get damaged by enemies. Damage increase as the level get higher. Atack increase : 2.0%? Perhaps Duration : 9sec
  12. can u rephrase that again pls , cause in my case ingame purchasing mcoin show diff price from warspear webside for example $99.99 = 28500mcoin on ingame purchase but on official warspear website $99.99 = 26500mcoin
  13. @nabnecro whats ur best build for lv22 as a necro and also what combo are good for pvp?
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