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  1. Do the servers stop/restart for 10 or so minutes like usual. Then after the restart of the game servers, an announcement in game like "SYSTEM: Server will be stopped in 23 minutes" will be said. Then once that certain amount of time is over, then the 3 or so hour update for Median Night will start? Is that how it'll work? Sorry for my misunderstanding!
  2. Are you sure it's not your English?
  3. I'm not being rude or anything. "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion". That's all I was doing.
  4. Maybe if you'd explain yourself better, then people would understand you!
  5. Who cares why he defended her. It shouldn't even matter to any of you anyway unless y'all are jealous that "Roland" defended her and not you, lmfao.
  6. Roland was just defending her, she didn't do anything wrong. She didn't suck up, she didn't be rude and the same for Roland. Roland just defended her because of an insult. Maybe he defended her because she's a moderator or not. That clearly doesn't mean that Roland likes her or is flirting with her.
  7. Someone please tell me why there are GM funded players like: Lordxx and Buud? This game is rigged
  8. 1x1 would be awesome, it just like pvp cave but in arena :dirol:
  9. Cant we go higher than 8000 Arena Points, because i hate having to spend all my arena point because it just would be better if would could be able to save more than 8000 arena point :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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