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  1. The dg26 is impossible for non mcoin users, i have got lvl24 bd with 600dmg 2.7k mdef, i died like 17 times before boss... and when i got to it at full hp i could only take of 4k hp out of 27 when it killed me.. flower spawner needs longer spawn rate!! Boss needs to be epicly nerfed!!
  2. Do you guys evan know how hard programming is, evan i cant make a 2d mario styled game evan one leval at that, and it took me like 700 words, and every word makes a command cide that executes.. its a realy long job take it from my advise, i completley underatand GM and all of you should too!! Take your time GM no pressure
  3. Cant wait!!!!! Need game time for uping up to lvl21! Lol
  4. I'm turnin green out of the impatience boiling inside my internal system!!!!
  5. Paul your speak britan way goud I salute thy to grammer school
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