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  1. Make a mc thread like this plz
  2. I still play but on Us sapp now..if y have a chr there pm Murdchips or Brooklynz
  3. Is there really a Cicadi costume?If so can anyone post it id like to see how it looks.Ty
  4. Lol im still thinking of the guy who posted hes gonna miss his log in everyday Achievement cus of this maint.
  5. I used to be Murdock lv 20 Necro....I know iggy quit just wanna know wat happen to rest of the origanal gang.I play on Us sapp now mc side,Lv 22 Necro Murdchips. Feel free to shoot me a pm anytime.Ps wat happen to my mentor Born
  6. Want to Buy Chiton of fiery skies pm ingame Murdchips. Us sapp mc side
  7. Wtb Chiton of fiery skies...Will pay 300-400k Pm me in game to work something out Murdchips Necro
  8. Lol i was just crying bout not being a good pvp necro....But phewwww who neeeds pvp...FARMER NECRO FTW
  9. Is it just me or only Us sapp Mc never put up points
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