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  1. I understand that blocking at this stage serves to halt mobility skills. Therefore, it would be interesting for the minions to also suffer the effect of impeding the use of skills. It is unfair to add speed that a certain lackey makes available, and it's not like a lackey that could be bought at any time. Entendo que o bloqueio nesse estágio serve para travar as skills de mobilidade. Portanto seria interessante que os lacaios também sofressem o efeito de impedimento de uso de habilidades. Torna-se injusto a adição de velocidade que um determinado lacaio disponibiliza, e não é como se fosse um lacaio que pudesse ser comprado a qualquer momento.
  2. hello greetings, I wonder if they will ever solve the problem of this relic. never active
  3. Congratulations, the new sector is fantastic, the missions are fun, and the monsters are challenging, but the oxygen engine is getting it messed up, you slapped the players in the face the way it is. but still congratulations for the other things. least for taking gold from t4.
  4. Hi everyone I and some other "free" players, also have valuable items that are not useful to their lvls, but can not sell, because the unbind is really only done if you have Miracle coins in your account, that the Unbind scroll be like a parchment of life was made. Sorry for English Volldemort, TU
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