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  1. mellee chars need latest gears & weapon + good amp for party (hard quest/farm for rare drop), but healers even with +6 staff and decent gears people still need them for their party. But playing in party healers need to focus to support (heal, buff, attack, stun) while mellee/mage/warlock only spam skills, because if they die even by their own noob fault they will blame the healers
  2. even only a few sentinels player beg to nerf legion skill? dev will listen 1st example: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/48349-expert-skills/#entry886953 2nd : http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/48520-lets-talk-balance/?p=890736 3rd : http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/26923-elusive-jump/?p=617416 but to nerf sentinel skill? legion need the whole community including sentinels users to prove that skill is op like pala banner
  3. you guys need to try the new skill(s) before judge your char's skill or other chars skill. *p.s damn.. i was waiting dev give bd a healing for their new skill
  4. sorry to say, but this event is not fun like i expexted. event should be fun for everyone to enjoy especially this is a yearly event all are waiting for this. but there is no fun for most lvl 25-26 on no.6 dungeon if everyone looking for very high amp in their pt. so only the pros can enjoy the dung no.6 although they sometimes failed
  5. just wait night, the clue is if you see roland posting here it means 30-60 minutes server will be up
  6. some new skins looks good and the new costume, i hope i can get this Red (attached)
  7. mostly rogues complained about bd counter, i have a rogue and im too noob fight against bd they said dont hit when bd cast their cs.. i tried to avoid the bd without hit him but he stun and hit me until i die. best suggestion for rogues is stop complain and avoid pvp bds
  8. most Legion in Sapphire are too lazy, if sith leaders order its members to help other Legions for war there is a chance to win but that will be impossible because sith dont care about war buff (but they will cry blame this buff if they lost pvp): 1. mostly they do spam arena only members vs members 2. since this feature added they never want to attack sentinels area as a guild order because they are affraid that will be humiliating their guild if failed
  9. this is a bug, lvl 25 still listed on level 23-24 (3vs3) Arena Ratings. their ratings should move to 25-26 once they level up
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