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Achievements help, hints, and questions!

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1-Destroy an iteam while amping it


2-Get 3 dodges by a mob, do 3 dodges to a mob (both are different)


3-Visit every single island ( don't logoff before doing this or you have to start from begin)


4-use 5 different pots( we used scrolls and it worked too)


that all the secrets I know till now

What are the names of the achievements?
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Not rly, you can suicide at T5 elves, there are some pumas down there, 2ND best place



Patriot pweez


Patriot maybe has something to do with taking down enemy flag on war?


Pumas on t5 elves are farther from respawn than mobs on kronus lab respawn, also mobs on kronus lab do way more damage and attack in group.

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patriot is someone who feels a strong support for their country. bq104.gif


Something that have to do with Control Points:


Stay in same area as your flag for a full 1 hour of War

Hit all 3 enemies flags at least once

Do xxx damage on enemy flags


...many faction related suggestions, list if u did them and if u got more legit faction related ideas

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