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  1. I've heard this alot, too bad nobody listens to pr***s, I'll leave the rest for mods
  2. That costume was yours lmfao, and I only took it to troll ppl in the cave :3
  3. I hate when ppl put repair scrolls for 1.8k A PC in the market, its like 600-700 anyways
  4. *casts counter* Whoopsy, sry you're dead I summon yellow
  5. Can you please provide me with the exact number of the hp drain and your total hp?
  6. Lol, I think he was way too embarrassed that he logged, how cute :3
  7. Hmm, you insulted me, so I gotta reply with something insult-ish Like you? Nope
  8. Go lose to noobs please, we don't like wasting our time with douchebags like you, and yes any class can take down bd smart***
  9. Tood


    No, but some dgs will not give you a drop at certain levels
  10. Tood

    Lvl14 "pros"

    If you fight me you may call me a runner but you'll find me nearly always running (kiting) untill my bind cds are up, I call that kiting as I don't want a melee up my ass
  11. Mmm idk but I'm a mix of PvE and PvP, 1 light, 3 bark 5 root 5 heal Lemme ask this "Frenchisely" Any bonne idees (good ideas) about ex skills? o w8 a sec, hory shet redbird revealed a part of her secret build
  12. Have anybody actually tried leaving lightning at 1 lel
  13. 4-14 2VS2 15-22 3VS3 24 5VS5 This isn't an intelligent game, we're all dumb noobs
  14. Bump I wish mod favouritism to stop, or new mods
  15. Tood

    Word Association

    Legion's T1 isn't dirty, in fact its a good place for elves to hide in Big secrets
  16. Both are equivalent, case closed
  17. Yeah right, keep buying it untill you get broke
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