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  1. This election is kind of like pick your disease, leprosy or bubonic plague
  2. So many players spent money on quest items, to stack up quests (in Irselnort)... And once the update came along, Quests are no longer able to be turned in. So where is the justice for players who wasted all that money on quest items for quests that couldn't be turned in? Some people used Miracle Coins to purchase quest items, spending their money to buy something, that can't be used. That's pretty ****** up.
  3. So the people who spent money on Miracle Coins to buy quest items, so that they can stack up quests for the update, just wasted their money...
  4. So this update won't be available for me??? (using Windows phone) Or does it mean, all updates after this one?
  5. Buying Kronus Boots. Paying 130K US Server (Elf/Chosen) PLAYER NAME: Thornrak
  6. Captured the majestic beauty of Toodish in his natural form...
  7. It's not a waste of money if by luck you do receive something rare, so you CAN make money from them, like stated above. My posts weren't any less relevant to the topic than your post about what you received, in your first surprise chest...
  8. It's a good way to spend some extra gold, if you have it, out of boredom. Definitely not something to purchase as an investment, when you absolutely need to make a profit.
  9. It would probably be equally un-amusing to buy a really cheap, low level item, to purposely break, and by "luck" you end up with a high amped, piece of garbage.
  10. Good write up. I agree with the surprise chests also, I have received many rare costumes, in the past, in which I was able to sell for a good profit.
  11. It didn't grant our 3 wishes...
  12. By far, my luckiest amp... Which of course made me a "nub" "hacker". Oh, and question for mod, I keep posting, daily, but for the past 3 days my post count is stuck at 11, so I am forever needing approval of every post I make, was wondering why this is happening? I would like to be able to freely post on the forum...
  13. The perks of going up against 2 healers...
  14. Anyone else, here, a fan of the Myst series of games? Been playing them since PlayStation 1.
  15. When you exit the arena to find yourself in the middle of an angry MC mob, and Cybernem running to kill you.
  16. You should def check out a band called 'Bohren & der Club of Gore' Especially their track "Black City Skyline". I'm not really a jazz fan, but I can really get into some of their stuff. Considered "dark jazz" by some descriptions.
  17. I agree, some of these people interested in the "survival horror" genre, of video games, need to try the classics. The first Silent Hill and first Reaident Evil games were superb.
  18. Swaaz's priest, Oldenchant, was a pretty good lvl 14 character, If I remember correctly. Did arena with him a couple of times, with and against.
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