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  1. Devs i saw in the trade chat 3 new difference costumes,they all are black. Can we drop this costumes from the special chests?
  2. Mhh my shaman did it and the achievment is done. US Saphir lv 24 mc
  3. The German description in the Google Store has a large grammatical error , please correct . LoL
  4. Why you all have archievment already? My Android update dont have this Option :-(
  5. I know your bday and country alrdy, there are not manny with your lastname :-P
  6. Stefan facebook is not sure, it is easy to hack facebook accounts ,nobody need a password. Better delate your ID pic.
  7. I actually never heard about it, but everything is possible. ©Roland EDIT: ur not allowed to use devs green text color ty.
  8. ebsite voting is now closed - thanks for your votes! Winners to be announced the week starting July 12th. Check back here for the results, right here on Best App Ever.
  9. Nothing New for Lowe levels? How long we need wait to get a right dungeon With good drops . Or a small laby for lowe level?lv 10~ We can nothing do except waste money and spam arena, thats really not fair. In the last update for US ,u said in the future we become more update for lowe lvl. Till now ...nothing happens.
  10. Dear devs , is it possible to give us news about the result Of voting? It is OK when we need wait some days more, but a date to know, would be very nice.
  11. u mean special surprise chests right ? Normal surprise chests habe nothing usefull inside.
  12. I hope soon lowe level ppls become a big boss (500k HP) lv 10
  13. Ohh jeahh the same system like in World of Warcraft,im absolutly sure its works fine.
  14. Gear is not much important,your stuff is good enough . Important is the GP experience bcz u need reach arround 14k GP weekly. Themercs are to nice ,when they See your GP is only 10k they let u take the reward but then together with a kick. Lowe GP = guild lose = no gold for Tickets .stamina.unity signs and support to guild members
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