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Battle for territories. General discussion.


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When Sentinel wins , they will appear with false char in the legion and legion ridicule over his defeat ....
when Legion win , Sentinel present in the Legion with a false char , screaming in the world chat about the number of stars achieved by legion ...
whatever the result , the sentinel always insulting legion ....
because the sentinel 's " golden boy " of the game maker ...
keep the spirit legion , elf ears burn until exhausted ....


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;D  :clapping:  :blush: 


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Anyone else having problems playing?



I have many problems. But I am trying to just go with what the game has to offer.

Sometimes the lag seems to be on the game side, other times it's on my end.


I'm never going to be "pro" but I do have fun with the people get to play with.

Maybe we'll party in game and just have some fun, forget about the problems.

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Results of the recent battles are available on the first page.

Tx I know... And checked-in .....but have a question shaman totem heal should be nerfed heals to high... Should be made like banners of paladins split heal then is balance.... Cas Druid link nerfed.... priests nerfed... We're going this balance to mountain clan or equal to both sides? 

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