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  1. My skills are still bugged - no Ancestors Hand on my shaman and no Secret Link on my Druid. In both cases I can't select another player or teammate to activate the skill.
  2. I have both. They are pretty similar in terms of success rate these days. Overall, I find druid is easier and more relaxing to play. The class seems more polished overall than shamans, which have had some very finicky skills over the years.
  3. Lifesteal can be a huge help for locks, but keep in mind those gear and runes are somewhat expensive and difficult to find. I don't know of any "easily obtainable" items. One good time to purchase life-steal items is towards the end or just after the end of the Halloween event. Prices tend to be high at the start of the event and then drop off with time. Note also that different gear have different life-steal percentages, and in some cases the percentages are so low that you might be better off with a different bonus. My life exhaust is at level 1, and as far as I know it's not worth s
  4. maraschino

    Arena bugs

    FYI, I've been seeing some minor bugs in temple of seals arena. Today an enemy player was listed in my teams party list. A few days ago (maybe it has been fixed) an enemy player teleported to one of my team's teleport locations.
  5. I've played a lock for years, and the fear skill didn't work this way until the 6.1 update. There was nothing in the list of skill updates about a modification to the warlock fear skill. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/55276-20160929-update-warspear-online-61-power-of-relics-release/ So... what's up?
  6. Same. Mine says "oh, you're playing THAT game again" with a sour face. And then she goes off to watch some trashy TV shows.
  7. Weird. I got three stars. Others who have participated in spring events are having bugs, like rogues unable to stealth or use dodge skill. Maybe it's related...
  8. Yeah, weird. I don't remember seeing that before the expert skills updates. I just tested it with both devices on the same router. Same results. I assume most of the lag comes from the distance to the server (west coast USA to EU) and the processing on the server. Would be interested to hear if there's a lot less lag for people in EU.
  9. I agree. The WS developers can't eliminate latency, but they can probably improve software and server hardware latency and they can account for it in how skills work and players interact. There have been other obvious bugs that lingered for years (e.g. casters running to where they cast dark circle or quake) before being quietly fixed, so it would not be a surprise if there are lag-related programming issues waiting to be resolved. I made two accounts on two devices and moved the players around the screen to test lag/latency. One device was a mobile phone with LTE connection & the othe
  10. I like that the Halloween dungeons emphasize different skills and strategies than the usual. Nice to get some variety.
  11. Yeah, a lot cheaper that items that are useless by design a.k.a "costumes"
  12. Yeah, makes sense. In reality it would be a bigger award for each member of a smaller group.
  13. This war event is about having different numbers of players. If you can gather the most players, you win (more or less). So if this imaginary arena is open to arbitrary numbers of players, you are only able to get 3 players in your party and your opponents get 5, tough luck. It's the power advantage, same as +1 vs +10. Maybe what actually pisses people off about the war is that it's very difficult to pay-to-win. Hassn helped EU MC with many life scrolls in the last war and it was a 1-1 draw. Many MC complained bitterly. Like I said before, I agree it's unbalanced. I'd rather fix it th
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