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  1. Why is lenno trying to discredit scamanderby saying he made chara in different server when lenno has talked to stunqueen and had her in guild .(Sus)... And most of horde knows she is mia.mai has close ties to lenno and commu
  2. Why pvp shinyballs he is to easy to kill my +6 killed him-Naz
  3. DK the best im lvl 14 and i can kill lvl 14-22 even with my +6 armor and +8 weps with 3k hp and if dk amp its the strongest thing out there so dk are not the worst class rather one of the best
  4. You get infinite gold but devs see your suspicious gold activity and decide to ban you i wish for good drops for this event
  5. Where can i find it i"m so lost plz someone tell me where it is
  6. if you need help pm Amianianc or binsiuquay (elf) /NAZWARRIOR (MC) ill be happy to help
  7. No the arena system is fine how it is, stop your bickering
  8. Bro thts alot, did you use the dodge skill?
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