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Dual Wield Staves

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This will be bad in so many levels that I can't even imagine  :bad:

Then take a look at avabel. Rods (2 handed) and 1 handed rods. Dont think that 1 handed rods would be even much magic damage as the 2 handed rods. 1 handed rods, its lesser magic damage with an higher dps but lower magic attack. Both have their possitives and negatives just like a comparation of axe and knives etc. The idea is not really bad at all anyway. Just helped to suggest a bit more into this idea

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Actually i wanted to make this a suggestion, but what to use as 1h rod?? Only wand is kinda silly, and looks too much like HP


yeah lets do some harry potter shit and run arround with wands



If OP has no objections, id like a mod to put this in suggestions.

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scepter and book. Guys I think this could be something cool and new for staff holders make Books, and scepter (weps of course) scepter in right hand book in left. I'm not sure if books should be more pvp base or def armor and mdef base. Shit why not both? different types of books. This seems like a cool concept and skins for these weps would be awesome. GM PLEASE HOLD THIS UNDER consideration

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