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  1. If the process hasnt changed, then the leader position will change to someone else after some weeks. Dont remember if its 3-4 weeks of the leaders absense.
  2. Support doesn't answer back, that's the main reason I'm quitting
  3. How can you not have access to the e-mail if its your account? Sounds like an account sharing incident.
  4. I got over 100k gold on US Saphire server, hmu if you want as I will be quitting permanently.
  5. Agreed, I'm boycotting logging on using wifi until mobile issues are resolved. It has been 1 week since i logged on and at this point I'm considering just quitting completely.
  6. Still cant connect on mobile, not wasting a single cent until its fixed
  7. Is anyone else in the US having issues connecting via mobile? I can log in when I'm on wi-fi but no luck when I'm on mobile data.
  8. I can't login on mobile, but was able to log on using wi-fi
  9. tokr

    Quest bag

    I think he just came to brag about how many tickets he has in dealer
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