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    I think to make it work to all enemies is a good one even pvped with same faction...
  2. i suggest you use cloak with mana regen if you see your mana easily runs out. Then, u can put some penetration on some of your gears.
  3. paladin is a hybrid class. An area effect damage or support skill may suit them also.
  4. reduced heal cooldown ..
  5. i think the other pvp area above nadir is a good place on using the banner . But lesser enemies going there.
  6. thankfully you didn't say crossbow.
  7. what are you talkiing about?
  8. Together with SPAWN. Sorry guys, only a part of you was captured for he is just too BIG.
  9. what does it meant with “Harad’s banner” now spliting damage between all enemies in the coverage area ? .If banner got 300 damage and there are 6 enemies within, will they now get 50 damage (considering 0 magic def)?
  10. Your out of your mind :facepalm:
  11. Hamstring 5 seconds rush 3.8? :shok: I think I need to buy a new timer.
  12. Now show your true self behind those beautiful profile pics... :spiteful:
  13. sometimes, paladins heavenly light didn't heal those under the effect of holy shield.
  14. If tanker can easily wear heavy armor, how much more is the light weight. But tanking with cloth? naaaahhh..
  15. Xai try this link Delete previous warspear version. Were waiting for you to online.
  16. Jhomz

    Warspear Music

    Its good, im listening to intro all over again. :D but on the part your health becomes 4/5, i dunno but i dont like it. When killing mobs, and ur in low health that ethnic sound play continuosly. :D btw good thanks bringing music back.!
  17. mine, i cant find most of my friends. They do not login until now. theres 2 remain, rcfan (not as active as before) and xrain.
  18. why didn't u believe him? he said "this not hack" lolololol. :lol: :lol:
  19. i thought it was not you, coz i know u play on EU long time ago. ;)
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