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  1. Hi support team. there's no sound effects when using skills with the recent update regardless of type/class. Currently I'm using latest WS version 6.1.1 running under Windows 8.1 64bit. Kindly check the problem. Thanks
  2. Good update, but I'll to stick to my old equipments(crafted and classic non-arena sets). Anyway, this gonna be good!
  3. Good update, but I'll to stick to my old equipments(crafted and classic non-arena sets). Anyway, this gonna be good!
  4. It's so refreshing when you see someone fall to the ground and bleed to the bones, especially when you're the one responsible for it. Just kidding! There're many things to do in this game, uhm, you can join to an active guild or create your own and make good friends, farm some boss etc. (Seriously?)
  5. Event craft level 22 one hand axe and mace showed up moments ago.
  6. So it'll become a different item then, is there anyone tested it yet?
  7. Hi support team, I just want to ask what'll happen if I upgrade a +5 Deep Lords Waraxe via rare crafting task? Does it revert to +0 or it'll retain it's amplification level?
  8. Tell your dad that you want to: I. Learn Graphics Designing II. Learn Autocad III. Learn Video Editing and Rendering IV. Learn Computer Programming V. Play graphic intensive games VI. Play warspear VII.Watch porn in 3d Most of all lie to him. Be good at lying dude.
  9. Double check your dreams, maybe it's just a wet dream. *peace out*
  10. Hi, support team. Is there a problem at your end regarding connection issues? I got disconnected most of the time and I'm having a tough time to reconnect. My ISP is Globe broadband PH.
  11. I tested it as a virtual machine and it works fine, still needs improvement. I prefer the old start; classic shell friendly. I stick to windows 8.1 for now.
  12. Don't worry mate, it's just a dream. Wake up and everything will be fine.
  13. Hmm, combo achievement was bugged. I finished dungeons alone(easy levels only), I finished arena 5x5 alone( actually i ask my friends to kill other 4 participants so that i can kill them all), I hunt opposing factions alone(Completed assassin achievement instead). Also, I hunt all possible places with rabbits and chipmunks(Completed trip around the world accidentally).
  14. I'm experiencing something here, well I think completed 2 normal level achievements: Scalps Collector and The Conqueror of the Mountain Caves but my medals didn't update. Did I miss something or it's a bug?
  15. Android apps like GameCIH or GameGuardian can fetch hidden game packets.
  16. Hi Sir Roland. I am a database administrator and also I'm an MIS specialist. You can look back to a data in your database and check when it was modified. You can kindly check the character's database, experience table database, quest completed database, or even the buff timer or whatever table name you're using to check if it was an accident caused by a careless player,and not really a bug. Maybe somehow you can check the logs of a single character, and check which table/s was modified first. Unless you have a single characters database per Server, then it is hard to rollback a single character without changing the rest.
  17. Sometimes I noticed that the ingame audio effects and background sounds are not working properly. The skill/attack sound effects are working but the other audio effects were not, vice versa. Is it because of the DLL files not compatible in my system? I'm using 64bit windows 8.1 . I also updated my OpenAl libraries, but still the problems exists. I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. Thanks!
  18. Yeah, devs removed the critical hit of Elusive Jump. It doesn't look OP like other skills though. Well in my opinion, jump deserves a "Critical".
  19. It will make noises when rogue moves faster in stealth mode. Well common sense, faster movement while stealth will never happen. You can make a BD if you want a skill with an increase in movement speed.
  20. Hello dear friends, here is my entry. I used Illustrator on this one, only black and white. I draw it using mouse so it’ll be messy at some point (I don’t have a graphic tablet). Anyway, guys I hope you like it. I’ll do update him as much as I can. Regards Anima the Eternal It started long after the White Wanderer created Arinar and after the War of the Spear that left thousands and millions of lives taken. There was something that the mortal world never sees after the Spear was shattered, divided the world into many. It was the result of hatred and greed and that brings this war to its never ending demise. It was the birth of one of the vilest creature Arinar will ever see, the consequence of the continuous killings and massacres, Anima the Eternal was born. Thousands of years have passed and brave warriors discovered its existence because of the sudden and unforgiving twisted events that happened, it almost wiped the entire mortal beings. It was Anima the Eternal whose purpose was uncertain other than to destroy and slaughter. Brave warriors fought Anima and defeated him, but those brave warriors were not able to tell the tale on how they managed to defeat the vile creature. Those brave warriors were history right now, neither the Sentinels nor Legions didn’t ever know the true story behind those events. No one knows but maybe some, or someone knows. But those events will hunt us again, Anima the Eternal has returned. He feeds into the death of others, he lives into the death of others. He was resurrected because of the countless deaths of others. He’s one with death, from the smallest of creatures to the largest of creatures. We can fight him many times and defeat him many times, but still we can’t stop him from coming back. One thing is for sure, as long as there is death, there is Anima. Is he a god? Did Someone send him to stop the war? Or he’s just the fruit of greed in the power Spear? …….. Anonymous of Ayvondyl oOo Boss Details NAME: ANIMA TYPE: RED CROWNED BOSS ATTACK: MELEE TYPE/CLOSE COMBAT ASPD in SECONDS: 3.0s NORMAL HEALTH LEVEL / 1.5s CRITICAL HEALTH LEVEL (HEALTH below 30%) CHANGE TARGET: YES RESIST: STUN, SLEEP, FEAR, BLIND and other disabling skills. MOVEMENT: VERY FAST RANGE of AGGRESSIVENESS: 5x5 Yards / 5x5 Cells SKILL USAGE: HIGH HEALTH: C/O AIGRIND ENERGY: C/O AIGRIND LEVEL: C/O AIGRIND SKILLS: ACTIVE SKILLS FORCED STEALTH – uses stealth skill even under contact by player/s. HEAL – randomly uses higher rating heal to self. WIDE POISON – poisons surrounding player/s. BLESSING – very short duration buff to itself. High % chance of dealing damage twice in a row. PASSIVE SKILLS LIFE STEAL – recovers HEALTH based on the portion of damage dealt to player/s. SILENCE ARMOR – high % chance of disabling skill usage of the player/s who’s in contact with him. WIDE STUN – % chance of stunning surrounding players around 6x6 cells/yards. FORCED PENETRATION – % chance of ignoring the player/s PHYSICAL DEFENCE. GREATER DARK SHIELD – Passive Level 5 Dark Shield. OTHER DETAILS: C/O AIGRIND …………………………………………… RECOMMENDED PARTY: 3 TANKS 2 HEALERS per party / 1 TANK 1 DAMAGER 3 HEALERS per party Minimum HP requirements for Tanks: 4000 It is highly recommended that Healers will only focus on supporting tanks and damagers. It is not advisable to attack.
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