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  1. If the process hasnt changed, then the leader position will change to someone else after some weeks. Dont remember if its 3-4 weeks of the leaders absense.
  2. Support doesn't answer back, that's the main reason I'm quitting
  3. How can you not have access to the e-mail if its your account? Sounds like an account sharing incident.
  4. I got over 100k gold on US Saphire server, hmu if you want as I will be quitting permanently.
  5. Agreed, I'm boycotting logging on using wifi until mobile issues are resolved. It has been 1 week since i logged on and at this point I'm considering just quitting completely.
  6. Still cant connect on mobile, not wasting a single cent until its fixed
  7. Is anyone else in the US having issues connecting via mobile? I can log in when I'm on wi-fi but no luck when I'm on mobile data.
  8. I can't login on mobile, but was able to log on using wi-fi
  9. tokr

    Quest bag

    I think he just came to brag about how many tickets he has in dealer
  10. Look where its says "recommended hero level" when entering the dungeon. If it says lvl22 Hero recommended the max level you can be to get a prize is lvl24
  11. How about Rogues using 4 swords, and sharks with freaking laser beams on their heads?
  12. I got my lvl23 arena staff to +7 with 8 sets
  13. I got my lvl23 arena staff to +7 with 8 sets
  14. Because its their game and they can do whatever they want whenever they want
  15. Nice, let go for another 3 star win.
  16. I have yet to come across any smart paladins
  17. Paladins are weak, im more afraid of a smart warlock then an amped Pally
  18. If this ain't fixed, I'm quitting also. Can't do shit without being able to communicate
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