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  1. I see a different sight from the ss since the day yet before Halloween event 2 years ago.. The side that Jess told here sounds a bit more as I've know her by years by some facts. Though I won't involve between all of this stuff, nor making enemies, still I don't think she would've been like this what the topic says... Anyway I hope it'll work out somehow and again, I'm sorry to hear of the break up and hope there won't be any drama anymore. And I'm sorry to hear about the disappearance of your characters.
  2. I'll miss you too sapph, someday i'll take a look on ws haha :3 thank you Dank u wel Ryder, soms zal ik eens kijken of jij en Jess ver zijn met de lvl 10's
  3. At least i'm not a copycat like when people ask for show some items so they can copy xdI don't remember much about the gank, and well it's fine lol, everyone got their ways of having fun. And yes for sure i do remember you. I considered you as friend in any time xd Same example with Babyjulia when my rogue was not even lvl 18 when i was Ladyspirit, i also considered her as a friend that used to hunt on me untill she catched me. And without offend, we were nice to each other
  4. This topic is probally meant for the older players who have known me as Almawade. Maybe some of you guys ask where this little ghost gone. And for the people who haven't know my full history, i started the game some years ago as Ladyspirit, evolved to something more specific as a ghost.. I decided to change name to my most favorite girl character that ever made me shock by creepy moments from the F.E.A.R series, the only and original Almawade. In a crazy year of fun, i made people impressed, but not only thanks to myself. Also to the people that concluded i was the best rogue on US Sapphire, keep in mind what i said "im not the best, i try my best like every player do". It always been my motto and i stay with that motto. Anyway, i moved on as Puravidaaa. Yes, some guys that didn't notice my name changement, may think immediatly im spanish/brazil. But no, im dutch. Why did i exactly changed my name on honest words? Well here's a few reasons. I was obsessed with the world cup brazil that i had alot of fun within this time. Also i liked the party moods from brazil and had lots of interests to them. This way i changed my name to Puravidaaa. A second reason is because i became sick of the fact how people are so focussed on and against each other, the pressure, the hate, desperation, bullying.. and maybe jealousy? This way i give the second reason of the name changement. Coz did i asked for it? If it seemed like that, then i would like to hear how and why, so we can gently talk about it in private chat, however, it's pretty long time ago, so i hope there's no need to discuss. For a few months being Puravidaaa, many people mistook me for being a brazillian, but i could've expect that. It was a little fun time i had. But why so "Purelife"? Did my rogue came back alive from ghost to alive? That way i started to think something isn't right on this. I decided to choose another name... Again (even i wouldn't change my name too many times, but i actually needed) This way i decide to be Undeadlisa. A note i can tell is that i stay with this name permanent. And why everytime a dark choosed name? Well, it's because im a goth. I like creepy things. But it doesn't say im always unhappy. Even instead of it, i am pretty excited and happy. I see how the game change alot. It's really alot bigger from 2010 till now Anyway, to go back to the point, i come with this message to say, i'm kinda retired now of warspear... The history and story of my rogue end by this message. And i really mean it. And in this message i will say thanks to people and my friends who were with me, being there for me. I had alot of fun and i keep my memories with them. Thank you - Airaz - Tetma - Zhuronghu - Whismecal - Mythblade - Fluguy - Garaaspvp - S*xvixen - Mymelody - Sabee - Lisarogue - Mirka - Babyzhu - Ascetic - Maleshaman - Turtlef*ck - Baskentli - Poley - Blesskillz - Sourpurp - Pandaveez - Gottaf*ck - Apocalism - Meiosis - Godoftroll - Pliskin - Metacritic - Dutchhero - Cybernem - Wulfgaaar - Unduandor - Ladygi - Huzzez - Adeum - Tpain - Xredbirdx - Debuffer - Snipedown - Zeusxelie - Pvpshaman - Cigma - Mrskillex - Xsorules - Zodiacfox - Jaclyn - Rakort - Babyjulia - Nitaaa - Panchen - Cardburn - Justforu And many more people Some thanks to the the people on EU-Emerald: - Fantasmic You inspired me alot how to experience to be a well fitted rogue. - Testphase Yes my very first friend ever. Also thanks to my friendgroup - Teenagirl - Eurchen - Drakser - Evachan - Squigly Special thanks goes to - Foxlovevix You helped me alot in support. In my way of thinking, you may be the wisest man i ever met. - Naminay You my sis, made us together awesome. I couldn't have made it alone and i had alot of fun with awesome moments. - Jazmiiine We had a crazy time together haha. I liked it. - Zythus Yep, not only strong at hunt, but also strong as friends. - Missnecro We had alot of fun crazy girl. Crazy just like me ;p i hope you do it well now in life. I miss you. Excluded thanks - Mrsxalpha I decided to thank you for being there for me. Also we had alot of fun. But since i figured out about an really surprised moment... How could you have in mind? . I don't even know if i can forgive you. But anyway, goodluck with your REAL life. And ofcourse i wanna thanks the haters, because you guys made me laugh which made part for my fun thank you. I might be online somedays but not active on warspear, so i don't quit permanent, i just take care of friendly contacts. However i can be also afk or just forgot to log off. Maybe someday i will return being active, but i doubt. Im a veteran now. Thank you all for the great memories :3 Well, i reached the end of my speech lol. This rogue is in peace. Over and out. Cya ت/
  5. I wish you the best cynernem. Your words are right. Pro doesn't matter for the fact who you really are. A real pro matters by having fun instead of trying to get the spotlight by desperation. Good luck with your studies and have alot of fun Farewell young but good player.
  6. Then take a look at avabel. Rods (2 handed) and 1 handed rods. Dont think that 1 handed rods would be even much magic damage as the 2 handed rods. 1 handed rods, its lesser magic damage with an higher dps but lower magic attack. Both have their possitives and negatives just like a comparation of axe and knives etc. The idea is not really bad at all anyway. Just helped to suggest a bit more into this idea
  7. I would suggest the classified wdapon "knuckles". They are found in almost every mmorpg. I even think it would be able to animate the fight style of a knuckle fighter. Just like bare handed punch but with a look-a-like knuckle on hands. Im sure even the skills would be nice to suggest.
  8. Rogues will always exist, will never gone. If you can't take it that this class walks arround over an mmorpg game, your not used to play these types of games. In other words, you whiners are pretty... Newb. As second i'd say, look it a bit realistic. Rogues/assassins kills by backstab and are formed to sneak by. And what does stealth/hide means? Indeed, sneak! Do a facepalm for yourself and think about how an mmorpg fits with common usable classes! Stop whining or quit gaming
  9. Dagger, because its very flexible. When you get stunned and disable to use skills, daggers are perfect to rapidly hit the target before they make distance. I compared it with doom axes and doom rondels. I prefer the rondels even still rondels over the lvl 19 axe. Difference about axe vs knive isnt big at all. Axe high dmg hit, low dps. Knive low dmg, high dps. At the end the results are almost same.. However i seen arena fights that knive users at high amp get more then half of all times end up with higher dmg result. Anyway, both have a different specialty. And to the assassins i'd say: "real assassins/ninja's use knives for sneaky backstab killer or highly maybe swords in combat. Your not a berserking barbarian with dual axes"
  10. Awe, it's pitty if it's impossible :/ but i understand. thank you for the info r0land
  11. Duane sometimes i think you made just jokes about insulting me out of a sudden because you are an kind guy that supported me at past arena season... But the last fight was kinda hard ._. Just be yourself as how you wanna feel, don't give up
  12. Hello developers I like to suggest an hide option which can be possible at any classes. The idea is when your char is behind an tree, brush, closet etc, when the object becomes transparant, i'd like to see this "behind the object" an effect. When you stay behind this object, your name will be hidden for enemy players and eventually mobs so nobody can see you behind the object. To be found is that the enemy have to walk behind the object. Then your name will be appear for the enemy and is able to attack you. I made an screenshot for eventually an example. It just came up in my mind when seeing the object become that transparant as same look as your rogue becomes stealth. I hope it's a pretty idea ^^
  13. Sis, There are people who doesn't wanna miss you just because of any kind of having bad luck or even can we call it bad luck?... However the point is that amping isn't the most important part of a game no matter what how many wish to get the max of the max. But the real max you should use is your mind, not an amp. And i know you have a very smart mind. Sis, you are an very unique player on warspear because YOU are one of the very less players who scores so far without any mcoin. It's something you might be proud of it sis. Also remember times when you have fun with the people you may call friends. I love you sis, your special for me. Even if you would quit, i would wait everyday for you to hunt together again remember that sis. Times of fun are most important into an game. There is no amp needed. We are more then 3 years together as being like real close sisters i rather call it twin sisters. And we had many fun in the game sis. Play with eventually a goal, but not alone :3 remember that the upcomming update gonna be a war with a goal to capture. You know i would like having you close with me to explore the lands and hunt out our targets haha. After a few minutes dicission, Welcome back to warspear sis. Show what you got without mcoins and don't forget to have fun as whats the most important part of the game. I'm always somewere you can pick me up if you need anything sis ^^ No matter what your decission is, we are sisters forever :3 *hugs* love you sis
  14. This idea looks like Battlefield online but then in middle age fantasy O.o massive wars with controll points.. Epic, i'm surprised and wondering this about my first time of seeing an controll pointing massive real war in an mmorpg then this WARspear is about a war with a sense and a goal :3 i like it
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