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  1. KingCree

    Allow the use of skills directly from the menu

    Seems like alot too do to use a skill. But i see where you're coming from.
  2. KingCree

    First charmer is op please nerf topic

    Too early in the game to say if a class is op or not. I do like this class.
  3. KingCree

    Seeker Builds

    You're going for a burst set up so ur gonna wanna use a spear for high damage. But even then your sheild how will u survive against strong tanks? My stealth is 3/5 and i love it xD moving soo fast on chosen is funny
  4. KingCree

    Seeker Builds

    Thank you for making me feel a little bit better. I guess we gonna have to see what happens. Im not even max lvl so yeah.
  5. KingCree

    Seeker Builds

    I dont get that fact that gm is pushing this class to be melee dps with light armor when: 1. Hardly any stun: without stuns we won't be able to set up are attack or combos to kill are enemy (assuming Its a pvp) 2. The skills just dont fit together: your build is exactly how i planned to build my character. And that leaves "inspiration" (skill)100% useless when it's actually not that bad of a skill. 3. This class has alot of offense and again the word HARDLY any defense: we are suppose to survive how can we do so without the proper tools. these are somethings i had in mind as i lvl my character up I could be wrong but this is so far what i see please tell me im wrong and explain why.
  6. KingCree

    Top Players Overall In 2017 - US-Sapphire

    Love it feel in those blanks tho lol
  7. Great video hope to see more!
  8. KingCree

    Top Players Overall In 2017 - US-Sapphire

    There are so many bd's its very easy for many to be miss. And to be fair let these new ws player get some light we dont always have to remind everyone of the same pros. Even tho i love the classic pros :D always respect them. Btw these best player topics never get old always a good way to get a debate going lol
  9. Dope update! These comments are funny as hell every time. lets see what happens people.
  10. KingCree

    paladin arena rewards

    PREACH IT BOY! Amen! You need to open up a warspear church. XD
  11. KingCree

    paladin arena rewards

    Just noticed that you guys are mcs that think the system should be left alone. XD
  12. KingCree

    paladin arena rewards

  13. KingCree

    paladin arena rewards

    All this over some damn arena rewards xD people breaking down the game. Like I said every class is op in there own way...
  14. KingCree

    paladin arena rewards

    Zzz yall come up with some bull reasoning on why my topic shouldn't even be a topic. it seem fair to me to ask. So I did. you act like every single pala is going to be able to get these rewards Full set... its kinda funny...
  15. KingCree

    paladin arena rewards

    Yall keep trying to balance a unbalanced game but I guess... I wanted just answer don't go all crazy now..