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  1. Very cool, I like how ws is changing things up. Keep up the good work. Maybe I won’t quit as soon as I thought. 🙂
  2. KingCree


    🙂 wassup buddy, I’m first born IGN Critcree.
  3. Does anyone notice any change with exacerbation? I haven’t. I thought it was going to give us more damage. Maybe I misunderstood it?
  4. Would you say this isn’t worth points now? and I understand the nerf but the Duration nerf is salt to the wound.
  5. Ty for this I’m returning as a seeker
  6. Seems like alot too do to use a skill. But i see where you're coming from.
  7. Too early in the game to say if a class is op or not. I do like this class.
  8. You're going for a burst set up so ur gonna wanna use a spear for high damage. But even then your sheild how will u survive against strong tanks? My stealth is 3/5 and i love it xD moving soo fast on chosen is funny
  9. Thank you for making me feel a little bit better. I guess we gonna have to see what happens. Im not even max lvl so yeah.
  10. I dont get that fact that gm is pushing this class to be melee dps with light armor when: 1. Hardly any stun: without stuns we won't be able to set up are attack or combos to kill are enemy (assuming Its a pvp) 2. The skills just dont fit together: your build is exactly how i planned to build my character. And that leaves "inspiration" (skill)100% useless when it's actually not that bad of a skill. 3. This class has alot of offense and again the word HARDLY any defense: we are suppose to survive how can we do so without the proper tools. these are somethings i had in mind as i lvl my character up I could be wrong but this is so far what i see please tell me im wrong and explain why.
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