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  1. Jhomz


    I think to make it work to all enemies is a good one even pvped with same faction...
  2. i suggest you use cloak with mana regen if you see your mana easily runs out. Then, u can put some penetration on some of your gears.
  3. paladin is a hybrid class. An area effect damage or support skill may suit them also.
  4. reduced heal cooldown ..
  5. i think the other pvp area above nadir is a good place on using the banner . But lesser enemies going there.
  6. thankfully you didn't say crossbow.
  7. what are you talkiing about?
  8. Together with SPAWN. Sorry guys, only a part of you was captured for he is just too BIG.
  9. what does it meant with “Harad’s banner” now spliting damage between all enemies in the coverage area ? .If banner got 300 damage and there are 6 enemies within, will they now get 50 damage (considering 0 magic def)?
  10. Your out of your mind :facepalm:
  11. Hamstring 5 seconds rush 3.8? :shok: I think I need to buy a new timer.
  12. Now show your true self behind those beautiful profile pics... :spiteful:
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