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  1. The man that made his stutter a masterpiece.
  2. Sorry to hear that, i had some really expensive items from a friend to help her transfer between her chars and i never stole anything from her(could easily stole more than 2m but it never crossed my mind to steal), but i guess is true that gold blinds some ppl. Might wanna try league of legends or Diablo 3, i have it on ps3 though. "You may be decieved if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough" Frank Crane
  3. You can't fix something that is not broken
  4. Because ppl fear change by nature.Ppl get used to the routine even when they want Change, they're still afraid of it. Some people think that if they cry enough they will be heard like if their opinion worth something. I've been here for years and I have seen the game change... a lot... sometimes for good and other for bad, and what happens if you see the game becoming something that you don't like?... you leave and look somewhere else simple as that.. I know that the post is old but the title question still applies to this day. I used to play WS 24/7 but now I barely log in but that doesn't mean that I think that the game is bad, it only means that i don't like the way that it took and i simply left it, nonetheless I still like to stop by the forums from time to time to look the drama and the fights, that never gets old.
  5. i barely play nowadays since 4.0, i used to be addicted to ws before but everything comes to an end i guess and this was no exception, the last updates wasn't very good for me, i just check from time to time to chat with friends but nothing more.
  6. After some time of watching this guy, you start to see him like the crazy hobo from the alley across the street, you can't hate it nor love it, just bear with it.
  7. Zsaszz


    Make a movie out of someone else loss... :facepalm: do you realize what you are saying? :facepalm:
  8. Seriously....heroic requirement? :facepalm:, that was the brightest idea you can get?, just adding more problems to the old ones, the problem in stairs was never fixed and now heroic is a requirement for Ayvondil!? :facepalm:, ya sure is fun to go to the New island just to wander like an idiot and do easy dungeon over and over without being able to unlock the quest line, ya fun....real fun. :bad:
  9. Because some ppl don't have a brain, or don't use it properly. Account trade is against the rules and if u get scammed by doing it, then the fault is all yours.
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