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  1. Wheres 19 lvl arena belt cant gm release 1 simple item we all wait for it other arena gear was released months ago
  2. Tormenium

    Ranger Cage

    Does it trap 1 enemy only Whats the duration at 1/2/3/4 Can it be used from far away if yes how far How much defence does enemy get while trapped Can he attack or use skills? And can i put trap in a enemy while he is trapped Oh yes does attacking the trapped enemy breaks the stun
  3. Uhh maybe because it was months ago and i left the game then? And im going to play with a new phone better phone this time and probably never quit until the game or world ends without trading char again and use this forum account just to ask those questions from a friends pc so idc for mentioning something bad i did months ago? Heh "bad" i didnt scam the player who gave me his priest and he didnt scam me so i dont even see anything bad here Oh wait i forgot there are rules... which seem to be broken by the likes of pvprange and hassn without getting a ban so again idc
  4. Hello I was a new player playing in emerald with a rogue called Tormenium when the max lvl was increased to 22 which was a few months ago and i was part of ARINAR team I played without mcoins because of economical problems but my leader gave me free 100k for being ranked 1 in our guild with 7k gp so i got the jump expert skill and also bought a 19 lvl h1 axe and amped to +6 with 1 sign set and became quite strong and had the fun of my life by killing players in irselnort but my i was very busy in my life so i decided to quit but also i traded my rogue to a priest to see how the gameplay is
  5. no dont add more hp i like to kill anything in 1-5 hits If you are a cloth user with 2k hp delete your char or get 3k hp or make a tank (and suck at pvp)
  6. Dumb map when i use ap pot i just wait up to 10 seconds then teleport to die hit as hard as i can but if i dont use pot i just camp :D I like the other map with 1 space movement i win many fights there even if rangers can trap and shamans put fire totem
  7. 19 lvl arena h1 axe +1 to +6 1 sign set :*
  8. got my 19 lvl arena axe from +1 to +6 with 1 sign set :[
  9. Wtf get lost idiot Rogue is good the way it is go play the stupid games you mentioned are you 1 of the 1500 hp cloth users who i kill with 1 hit?
  10. Hahaha its so fun killing pets i one hit kill most with my rogue while elf is stunned then i run like nothing happened Got a pm from priest yesterday for killing his pet he called me a dick :D
  11. I give 1 star to your mom for last night
  12. Wait when was priest a pro class did i miss any update or something
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