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  1. i created my rogue because THERE IS NO REASON! rogue is made to be an Assassin class
  2. you are insane... Use your brain and think!
  3. sorry for copying your amazing gold dragon my apology
  4. Iljorh, A legendary and unique bird species that almost extinct and lives in merciless, arrogant and hateful against the warriors who tried to attacked him. The phoenix defeated almost all warriors and casters until it burn itself and dying from a spell that cast by a mighty paladin;fleeing itself to the north-east part of Ayvondil;recovering itself within the deep hidden dungeon. One day, a brave ranger explored the north east part of Ayvondil and he found out that a mysterious bird lying and sleeping within the deep hidden dungeon. The Phoenix awake from his recovering and strike the ranger swiftly and flew away outside the skies. Now the Phoenix is back to revenge and ready to burn all villages. The Phoenix Hitpoint : 2500000+ 3500000+ Energy: 700 Basic attack: ranged(fire) Damage: 400 damage physical and magic defence: 2500+ Species: flying bird Skills: Fire ball (mage skill): damage the attacker Shattered stone (mage skill): damage all surrounded attacker. Special skill: Pyroclasm: Speed up the Phoenix attack speed by 50% and damage sorrounded attacker two times.
  5. lose for mc side at EU server but at least I had fun.. im still waiting for level 25 and 26 update
  6. 8-10 minutes buff give high damages skill? crap..shaman already have lightning shield and fire totem.. We are talking about survival here not another damage expert skill.. Healing totem is perfect for next new expert skill
  7. Grrr.. Counterattack shouldn't work on ranged attack because cooldown is much faster than shaman,range is unlimited and chance to counterattack is higher if 4/4.. I suggest REMOVE THE ENLIGHTENMENT SHIELD BUT keep counterattack expert skill reason is because BD isn't a support class and the shield is extremely powerful than necro and priest.
  8. Counterattack and shield is really OP, yeah thats it
  9. what happen to my karmas? my photo?
  10. very useful thread for those dumbs..
  11. Feronica

    Ranger Cage

    wrong, it will increase enemy def
  12. why nt vote for a suggestion about having different cc like guild cc and original cc which is from cc quests? tell me how much 3k cc price? 3 million? r u insane?? and to be honest idk which dev make this stupid guild cc reward.. you should regret bcs you are losing costumer and I am losing my friend too! you could banned me from this forum but I will tell my all friends that this game is bad and moneydigger
  13. your pc isnt shit...you need patient and amplfying is all about luck
  14. in this case that shaman and warlock is dumb.. wth they don't blind or fear bd before bd using hamstring? I hv friends +10 warlock, +10 rouge and I'm +8 shaman they are my arena partner.. we always won arena vs bd cos we are clever not idiots.
  15. 1.wrong, in emerald server there is many ppl except newbies who was collecting cc for hollowen or christmas
  16. extremely increased? are you rich?
  17. change shyvana to Shyvana ty so much
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