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  1. its not ... people are lv21 but it lv20 arena lol...
  2. roland in the preview topic you mentioned achievements having signs of glory.... what are they and can we gets new skins by completing achievements?
  3. I can't unbind lv5 christmas staff. As for arena if i remand with a party and then leave when the party is demanding I cannot cancel the arena request.
  4. Okay gms... I must say nice update (everyone stop moaning ) but... there are many bugs in game Players cannot unbind items After leaving party you cannot cancel arena demand Arena is being weird (lv10's vs lv22's) Many people on first island havn't got chest (been created before the date) People are writing in green - [] Android typing has gone weird (have to click 2 times) Thats all the ones I have found... If anyone has more feel free to comment. Hope to see them fixed gm ty.
  5. nothing will be done.. just wait and watch
  6. Ultrahits... he's pretty good in arena but i wouldn't say he's the best
  7. Madlock


    lolled at this ...
  8. This topic is not about me :S I'm simply putting it out there what people are doing... And for your information trading is not gonna stop, you will see one person at least spamming every time you open world chat...
  9. Obviously everyone has seen it by now... But it's not hard to find a seller / trader on world chat... That's why I'm warning them people who are innocent
  10. Okay guys, as you are well aware new Facebook function has been added to game so now you can login with it... GREAT! or is it... After doing some research i have found people getting error message when trying to login with their TRADED accounts saying "incorrect login or password". And i after trialing few experiments i have cracked it. If you trade accounts the person will give first... you will think okay this guy is pretty good- but then comes the bad bit. The account that you have now got is already linked to a facebook account, so even if you change email and password the player can still use facebook to login. After 2-3 days of having the account he will recover using facebook and you will think gm and gave back to original owner. NO ! your account has been recovered using facebook. I must say whoever thought of this WOW! Pretty clever as it makes you feel your in control of the situation (trade) when in fact you are just a mere Guinea pig HOW TO PREVENT! hard one this... but ive learnt my lesson DON'T TRADE MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE GETTING TO KNOW THIS SCAM!
  11. i see people are experiencing this ... happened with me too. Is this a bug GM? ive already sent ticket to support but if you could give me brief/ possible reason of this happening
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