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fluguy retire


am i over reacting?  

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  1. 1. am i over reacting?

    • man up flu [color=red]♥♥♥♥♥[/color]
    • i understand
    • seth is sure good at mind [color=red]♥♥♥♥[/color]in
    • ur rank 1 virigin
    • i use icream to masterbate to!!!
    • ur pathetic.. try to get a real gf?

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So when you rape a girl, she will still feel pleasure and she will like it... Right?

So it makes that girl a slut. Poor sluts love being raped



There's the thing called privacy

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I dont know whats weirder....................this post or LadyGI coming out of nowhere to comment on it.......lmao .......♥♥♥♥ u hoppz for tellin me about this dumb shit ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)


Manley coming out of nowhere, absolutely!!



Stop it flu your embarrassing black people everywhere

Best comment so far



Give him a chance! XD

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Jeez is this real? Bye


100% real sir :) , me n seth supposivley made up so  i amp seth staff to +10 yesterday then she ignore me again.... wut should i do? im all out of ideas :fool:  or should i go to black people meet.com? maybe that would be easy
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to all my friends i will miss u all, we had lots of fun times, i will be quiting because ladyseth aka meiosis has ignored all my chars, now i am a nobody who uses vanila ice cream as lube to jack of to the 2 pics i have of her. I REFUSE TO PLAY IF SHE KEEPS IGNORING ME. i will eventually kill myself or find her and r a p e her. to all my friends goodbye for now



Good luck in your future conquests, sir. I hope you'll find happiness. Try Runescape.  ;D





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