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  1. i like veggie Hotdogs.i Don't like bones in chicken too. lmao My Favourites are Steamed Dumplings,Beef Rendang. OhWait ! why don't u add topic ' Your favourite food' :rofl: i bet most of people have different tastes and likes.
  2. it is not easy with those number of players.Hello,remember two factions. More ever it's respawn time is around 20 minutes. Then you get disturbed by other faction or steal by Some costume nerd farmers. There is nothing frustration than that.With all Event's actual intresting things are on tht side and without it nothing special playing ths event. It make sense that if anyone showing his/ her frustration here on forum and wanting to get that card to play game.its not stupid.
  3. i don't know ;D Once i log off it pops out on my screen.They didn't mentioned it either i am confused too.I think we need to download new patch may be i guess..
  4. i been tuning since last time i checked forum.It's been almost a week Halloween release. Where is your promise,Snorlyx ? So there won't be any improvements in that quest? :wacko:
  5. Eve

    What's this?

    This are Bars that you get from quests and from boss drops.This silver bar worth 500 golds. Funny.
  6. Devs,Please remove costume drop at joker. This boss was suppose for the quest kill purpose. It could ve been better if that costume drop was somewhere else rather than at sanctuaries like last year. Many players are not getting the card as some greedy players hunting for those costumes.This isn't really excitement that we looking for.Atleast make this one Quest available for everyone so we could remember this game event. One more thing that i been facing in this Card hunt is Game Crashing. Cos of many players i assume.Pls fix that too.Its impossible to play this way. Thx
  7. to be honest,this year Halloween is much boring than previous.Its everything same like Xmas Ice queen castle. No boss hunt like last tym and drops we have to find in chest. Have fun buying Pumpkin chests!
  8. Wen is New isle coming,Mr Kuzmitch? Cos each day i log in to see weather its yet rlease o not. ::) Happy Halloween thou..
  9. Eve

    fluguy retire

    Psycho man on howl,hide :mega_shok:
  10. :search: Well we get to see melodrama on every result day..dont yu get it,the guy who won dis contest wanted to win like y'all.accept it,digest it N move on. Congratulations all the winners N the participants.
  11. Elves having good days ;D
  12. 2 amulets so far.Everytime with crystals and runes.Neither armor or weapons after being getting killed by shaman cloumns and ganked by elves. why dnt ya add one more option in poll ''Never got'' I m sure few players haven't got lvel 18 items like my shaman.
  13. Eve

    sis unite :(

    indeed very funny to hear that ya r lvl 20 nd still fight for kratt farm. its drops are cheap in market like 2.5 or 3 k cloaks. ya should b going for eyes wit yr clan n allow low levels to farm there. :lol:
  14. Eve

    sis unite :(

    game or forum full of such people. Best way ignore them all. :lol:
  15. now you acting innocent lmao :bad: I dnt like hate or make argues it's you like before you started this whole crap cos ya have poor way of understanding n came to same misunderstndin. I feel really pity for u. I m so done and sick making myself writing this comments. Play game,be drama around I dnt really care. and I dnt want to keep saying same again over again. ya can ignore me :)
  16. Eve


    Agreed,you will find many. :rofl: just be aware wen ya on game. lol :lol:
  17. try to read and understand first,ugly fag. if you ve read what I wrote this whole drama won't start.it's started again cost you ve poor knowledge to understand it. I don't mind giving damn replies to ugly gay who is sitting behind screen and calling people ugly and doing racism. whole EU knows you re some rich ugly GAY!! good bye fag racist head.idgdf to read again and give you damn drama.
  18. Eve

    quest chosen

    This quest is hardest quest I felt in whole first starting 4 isles.I think chosen quests are more harder as compare to other three factions.two red boss plus that cave got many moobs and dying instantly. In order to get those crossing requirements runes.Yes,you need to kill the creeps. There will be two teleport poles.One need blue runes and other red runes. Always go for blue cos it leads to less moobs place and you can cross safely.You need 4 runes from moobs. don't forget to touch those indicating green symbols on walls. good luck. :)
  19. Eve

    i quit

    Good bye,Kim. will miss ya. strange sadness to see loosing strong player like ya. I will join in leaving player list soon in coming future. Happy endeavours at your ends. Salamat.
  20. Eve

    Ignore list.

    Dear Devs, The ignore list option in game and forum chat are helpful to ignore people whom one don't like. But why still the ignored user can still see the user chat whom ignored him/her. Isn't there possible of getting complete ignore in a way that the one got ignored can't see that user's chat like in other chat applications so that there will be less unwanted arguments in both game and forum chat. Sorry I m not in position to give suggestion to game but still I feel it's necessary to figure out this. Thank you.
  21. mind your own business. Look twice before you write. I don't really like him and I don't care what you intend to say,Scammer.
  22. haha pity you.why would I be jealous to the fake picture spamming in forum. Like everytime your posts are spam trying to prove and argue with me in every topic. idgdf :lol: you're just another racist head loser.welcome to ignore list. I should have done long before. Goodbye racist heads. moderator should really see this thread. :facepalm:
  23. I don't really care who is level 20 here. and I didn't ignore HIM for that silly reason.
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