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  1. timeuss

    Birthday Party

    What time? Can i sit at the other head of the table?
  2. https://youtu.be/QS3b5p5-lwE Another quick war...
  3. Actually not bad ideas. Also would love to do without the world chat amp message. Dont like people knowing my amps. I like being under estimated.
  4. Buying lvl 22 Christmas staff any amp. Your price, pm me here or elf US Sapphire (Timeuss, Timeussss, Drtime) mc (Repoman).
  5. Nice videos, just fuelling the training that is making me wana come back
  6. Indeed and bringing 4 other oldies with me
  7. Snipe :0 ima be starting back in a few days. Better see you
  8. i thought this was gonna be a real thing for holloween. Or atleast a black version
  9. So as long as they are from the same country it is ok? They need to think of some safe way to gift other players coins from fellow players. I may not play but would gladly do this for a buddy of mine.
  10. indeed that is an option and the way i always do it. but i ask this question as like a different option i can take if it ok rule wise. meaning i wouldn't be breaking any rules if i did this. and since i no longer play it is a faster way for me. an i wont have to spend long periods of time in game trying to sell items if i don't have to.
  11. So i have a question. Is it against the rules to buy ingame items form other players using mcoins.? Can you be banned for it is my main question. Im not asking if this is safe or smart method, because i already know its not. An i dont not recommend it to anyone because you can be scammed very easy. But i recently quit and gave all my gold away to a friend. An i like to collect the staffs within game for personal amusement. I know i could just buy mcoin items an trade them or sell stuff for gold but if its not against the rules, and i cant be banned for doing this then ill do it. An agian ik its not the safest or smartest way to do it. I recommend it to no one. (If you need a example i can provide one.)
  12. timeuss

    Yes or No

    So there will or wont be a lvl 22 ammy for magic with HP in it?
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